3 Myths About Custom Doors

What if the only thing in the way of you and a new custom door is a bit of misinformation? We’re here to clear up a few rumors about custom entry doors and interior doors. If you’ve been debating whether or not to make this often-necessary transformation to your home, don’t let these myths stop you. In this blog, we’ll tackle a few of these false truths. It is our hope that if you do decide to forego new custom doors for your home, you do so because of legitimate reasons, not inaccurate rumors.

Look at the transformation a new front door can make!

“Custom Doors Are Expensive.”

We’ll give some credit to whoever came up with this one. Custom doors can be expensive—depending on who you purchase them from. Southern Front Door offers the best prices available for doors, both pre-built and custom. If a high price has scared you away before, give us a call. We’re confident we have much better offers.

As if our prices themselves aren’t great enough, we make our reasonably-priced doors even more affordable through financing. Our financing options are flexible, with multiple payment options and exceptional rates. Qualified buyers are eligible for 18 months no interest financing! Let us work with you to help you find the doors your house deserves.

“They Require Too Much Upkeep.”

Contrary to what some may believe, high-quality custom doors are easier to maintain than ever. In fact, we have many material options available that resist dents, scratches, rust, and other wear. That means that your doors will not only last longer over time but require much less maintenance throughout the year.

If you don’t door much to maintain the doors you currently have in your home, you’ll likely benefit the most from a low-maintenance option. Just because you don’t regularly clean and inspect your doors doesn’t mean they don’t need that attention and care. Consider upgrading to an option that basically looks after itself, rather than compromise the safety of your home with poorly-maintained doors.

We can build custom doors that retain the qualities you love about your current doors!

“They Don’t Make Doors Like They Once Did.”

Technically, this isn’t a myth. Contemporary entry and interior doors are constructed a bit differently. In fact, modern doors are better than ever before. You now have more options in regards to both aesthetics and safety features than were previously available. Have you been clinging to your current doors due to nostalgia? At Southern Front Door, you can find a door that matches your traditional style yet offers superior energy-savings, insulation, durability, and more.

Call Us To Learn The Truth About Custom Doors

When you select Southern Fron Door as your custom doors manufacturer and installer, you don’t have to worry about any of the above untruths. A custom door is a great way to transform your home inside and out. And you don’t have to go broke just to see the difference. Call us today at (281) 890-5860 or contact us online to learn more.