3 Ways to increase the security of your home

The front door of every home is a gateway to the inside. First and foremost, homeowners look to have this gateway secured against intruders and severe weather. There are many different ways you can make this happen. Keep reading to find out the top three ways!

1.) Invest in a Sturdy Door

Wood Doors with Wrought Iron Houston

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Every home has a front door, but not every door is built equally. Nor are they all up to the task of protecting against intruders and bad weather.

For this reason, it is important to make sure your door is of a high-quality and durability.
Take a look at your front door.

Is it hollow on the inside? If so, it is time to consider investing in a new front door. Doors that are hollow on the inside tend to be easier to break down and are more vulnerable to the outside elements.

At Southern Front Door, we have a massive selection of wood, fiberglass, steel, and iron front doors. Each one is selected for its quality and style. Furthermore, we only partner with distributors that have proven themselves capable of offering consistent service and value.

A wood door sounds flimsier than iron or steel. However, nothing could be further from the truth when you invest in a door from Southern Front.

Our wood doors are sturdy, energy-efficient, and incredibly resilient to both the outside elements and intruders. Check out our inventory to see for yourself the kind of selection and security we offer through our front doors.

2.) Invest in Quality Locks

Another thing you can do to ensure the security of your home is to invest in quality locks for your door. Southern Front is primarily a door distributor. However, we do have several secure and quality locks in our inventory.

The best route to take when changing out your locks is to install a deadbolt that locks only from the inside of your home. This adds an additional layer of protection. To learn what Southern Front has to offer, give our team a call!

3.) Invest in Extra Security

In the modern digital age, there are hundreds of extra security measures you can take to protect your home. For instance, tech companies like Google and Amazon pioneered the development of affordable security cameras that can be installed within the home and on the front door. As a result, more families than ever can afford to secure their home against intruders.

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If you are shopping around for a front door that will hold up to natural and man-made disasters, contact Southern Front! You can view our inventory, gallery, and financing options on our website.