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 Modern V. Traditional Doors

While iron doors come in a range of sizes and designs, when you are choosing one, realistically, the design falls into one of the two categories, which are modern or traditional. Furthermore, do you know the actual difference between the two?

Realistically, despite the traditional look, many iron doors that you see are, in fact, modern. Traditional iron doors are usually angular and are not unique in design at all. They are just an iron frame, which is why you probably don’t quite remember one. On the other hand, modern iron doors come in more flexible and unique designs.

Check out this stylish iron door transformation.

Additionally, even if you are just interested in iron doors for security, you will want to choose a modern style. To be honest traditional iron may be made with lower grade materials. This doesn’t mean that conventional iron doors are not durable; modern iron doors are just stronger.

Energy Efficient

These days energy efficiency is essential with all the weather that we endure year-round. With that being said, when you install a new iron front door, you don’t want it to release hot or cold air from your home. Iron doors do not only keep heat in during the winter, but it can equally keep it out during the summer.

Thermal breaks are added to iron doors to help prevent energy loss. A thermal break is a type of insulation in which it forms a barrier between conductive material. This simply means that your iron doors aren’t just made of iron but made with two pieces separated by a piece of insulation. This is also done with glass on an iron door. Conclusively, most iron door glass is often covered with a finish that helps reflect the sun to make it even more energy efficient.