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Southern Front Door takes pride in providing the city of Houston with the best quality doors. Each door is made with the best products and care. There are so many styles right at your fingertips. We work closely with you to ensure you purchase the perfect front door for your home. No matter if you need wrought iron doors, wooden, fiberglass, or steel we got you covered! Contact us today at (281) 890-5860 to learn about our daily deals and more!

Why You Should Choose Wrought Iron Doors

Our Wrought Iron Doors is one of Southern Front Door’s signature products. This type of door offers the ultimate amount of safety for your home. Not only that, it adds to the value of your home as a result of its uniqueness and aesthetic. Iron doors are also much easier to keep up with as they do not require much maintenance. Read further to learn more about the many benefits of wrought iron doors.

The Best Aesthetic

Your home is a major representation of you. Therefore, having a regal, artistic iron door apart of your infrastructure can exude value, taste, and success. Iron doors can really help to enhance your curbside appeal. Furthermore, iron doors are durable and elegant leaving a long-lasting impression on home buyers and visitors.

The Best Value

This goes hand in hand with the aesthetic of your home. By adding a wrought iron door to your home you are leaving the best impression. Therefore, making your home an inch easier to sell.

An Extra Layer of Safety

While providing the best look, our custom iron doors provide the best level of security. They are durable and leave unwanted guests out as a result of complex locking systems and unique designs.


As stated before, iron doors are the best investment for your home because of their durability alone. It is not difficult to keep up with this style of door because it is capable of withstanding natural elements, extreme temperatures, and a great amount of pressure without needing to be repaired. Therefore, the main reason you would have to replace an iron door would be to upgrade it.

If you are interested in purchasing a new iron door, contact us today or visit our location.