Differences in Materials for Different Homes

No door is alike. We all have different preferences and styles that we relate to than others. What we do have in common is wanting a door that fits us best and will work for years to come. When choosing a door for you, the possibilities are endless in creating the door that will be on display for everyone. However, you won’t have the same door as your neighbor does.

Southern Front Doors specializes in creating a door that will best fit your home with materials made specifically for your home. Therefore, there are four main exterior categories to choose from when designing your door: fiberglass, wood, glass, and steel.

Differences in Materials for Different Homes

Differences in Materials for Different Homes

The Perfect Door for You

Your home is unique to you, and so should your front door. When you decide to go for a wood exterior door, you choose craftsmanship that cannot be beaten. Keep in mind; however, wood doors can warp under certain climate elements and become difficult to open and close at times. This can alter someone’s want to keep a wooden door due to the upkeep and replacements.

Another door option is fiberglass and its ability to look like a wood door but have better durable qualities to how long it can last. This style of entry can be played off as regular wood but is a lot stronger. It will hold up against knicks and dents as well as bad weather. Though this option is more expensive than a standard wood door, it will save you money on your energy usage due to its internal insulation.

If you want something that will be the safest for intrusions. With foam insulation and steel panels on both sides, you’re safe from any cool weather creeping into your home. However, this type of door does not stand firm against dents as the material will not pop back out. Which would mean you must replace. However, if you are looking for a door that will give you natural lighting, the glass may be your final choice. Keep in mind this door does not do well against the elements and might be a problem during the cold months. 

Southern Front Door wants to give You a Door you’ll love!

When you are ready to choose the right door for your home, you need a company that will have the best door for your needs and price. Southern Front Door has the service and materials to create the door of your dreams. For more information, give them a call at (281) 890-5860 today to find out about the right door for you. Or visit the website to read into services and locations