Discontinued Doors at a Discounted Price

Iron and forged doors give your home a classic and impressionable look like no other. This style of the door makes your home stand out, bringing a different look versus conventional wood or fiberglass doors. Iron doors are a common option here at Southern Front Door. We offer a plethora of prestigious discontinued iron doors that our customers can choose from. Our doors are discounted at $500 or more!

Why You Should Choose an Iron Door

Iron doors have a timeless artistic look. The detailed work of an iron door is truly one of a kind. Some might even say that there is no other door that can be compared to this particular one. With an iron door, the value of your house increases as it conveys prestige and class.

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Iron doors also make your home more secure. It can also discourage burglars that wish to break into your home. This type of door has been around for centuries in government buildings and castles. Realistically, homeowners of worth are beginning to purchase iron doors to assure a peace of mind and protection.

Other Durable Doors

Wooden doors are beneficial because of their flexibility. At Southern Door, we can customize the raised molding and finish on your door. Wood is a natural insulator that protects your home from temperatures and prevents noise. Some examples of wood doors are Mahogany, Knotty Alder, and Andean walnut which are durable woods with longevity.

Fiberglass Doors

The primary benefit of fiberglass doors is the versatility that no other door can match. These doors can be painted and customized however you like. Additionally, Fiberglass is dent, scratch, and rust-resistant and requires little maintenance as a consequence.

Steel Doors

Steel doors date back to the art deco era. These doors have high-cost effectiveness and temperature control as it keeps out the heat and cold. Their durability also ensures that your money will not go to waste. The best thing about steel doors is that it makes your home feel secure with kick-proof steel.  Southern Front Door offers them in satin finishes, pale bronze, copper bronze, and more ranging from 6’8-8’0 in height.

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