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Head to Southern Front Doors for a breathtakingly beautiful front door for sale Houston, TX. We are a highly trusted source of a vast selection of doors and hardware in the Greater Houston area. The company was first established back in 1996 by Sam and Susan Fortenberry and later acquired by Jesse and Liz 18 years later.

Southern Front Doors has a total of 28 years of experience serving customers in our community. We produce both standard-sized and custom-made doors for our large customer base. Most famously known by our customers, we guarantee the quality of our products at a competitive price.

front door for sale Houston, TX

The addition of a quality front door for sale Houston, TX will help increase the value of your home.

Different Types of Front Door for Sale Houston, TX

front door for sale Houston, TX

Southern Front Doors offer thousands of doors in varying sizes, designs, and material. You are sure to find your dream door when you choose us.

Your front door is the first thing visitors and property appraisal agents see when they ring your bell. To leave a pleasant, long-lasting impression on others, it’s best to choose a front door for sale Houston, TX that highlights your aesthetics.

For example, it wouldn’t look too welcoming if you had brown bricks and a bright, purple door with no design. Or, think about a house with the same shade of grey in all areas of the exterior of the house but has a front door with an incredibly bright shade of brown. Neither of these gives off an air of sophistication or completeness.

Not only do we have the perfect selection of doors, but we also have the right price to match it. Southern Front Doors is the right choice for anyone looking to find a front door for sale Houston, TX.

Wood Doors

This type of door is the most common option for Houston homeowners. Wood doors are remarkable for their insulation, flexibility, and longevity. This is probably the most price-friendly option for all customers to try out. Hardwood doors are easy to customize and fit the needs of our customers. We professionally stain our own wood doors with an oil-based finish to match the elegance of the rest of your house.

You are guaranteed to find one that stands out to you from a selection of up to one thousand different styles in color and wood type. Once you pick out the front doors you want, you can choose to have them shipped, picked up, or professionally installed.

Iron Doors

Iron doors can last longer than the more expensive fiberglass ones if well-maintained. These doors are guaranteed to provide security and a unique look to your house. The forged and wrought iron materials have an air of artistic elegance that you won’t find with wood and fiberglass doors.

We have over 100 different styles for you to choose from. Mix and add elements to customize your doors to look precisely how you imagine them. Door heights are available in 6’8″, 8’0″, and 9’0″. You can also choose the width you want, either the 36″ or the 42″ option.

Fiberglass Doors

Compared to iron and wood doors, the benefits of fiberglass are far more significant in number. Fiberglass doors may cost more than their wood and iron counterparts, but it lasts far longer than them. Unsurprisingly, they are able to withstand harsh weather and climates. Fiberglass is also a type of material that requires less maintenance than others.


In addition to different types of doors, we also have an equally big hardware inventory. If you carefully picked out the door of your dreams but overlooked the finishing touches, then it will leave you feeling like something is missing. A nice lock set or handle set can heighten the value of your door. From the artistic point of view, your eyes may be misleadingly drawn to the handles rather than the door if it’s not the right size or material.

Your Doors Can Last for Decades

If you’re working on a home improvement project, all products and materials can add up to an astronomical number. Front doors included, you are paying a higher price for equally higher quality items because they are guaranteed to last. Instead of paying for your front door in one payment, we are here to help you devise a solution.

Southern Front Doors partnered up with Synchrony Financial to help our customers pick up their dream doors as soon as possible. Synchrony Financial offers various payment plans to fit everyone’s needs, and you may even be qualified for a zero percent interest rate for up to 18 months following purchase. Talk to one of our sales consultants to see what payment arrangement best suits you.

On top of the financing options, we also have specific warranty options for each type of door. In addition, our installation labor warranty guarantees that any issue created by the installation of your doors will be promptly addressed within a 90-day period. Rest assured that we are here to help you save time and money.

Locate Your Own Front Door At a Discount

When you visit our showroom located in Houston, TX, you will be introduced to a vast variety of options. Southern Front Doors has a selection of discounted doors under “speak deals” and “manager’s discounts.” The selection is created from doors that may have endured a small scratch or other minor damages. At times, doors that are in perfect condition will also be displayed here, so you won’t know about the amazing finds unless you visit.

front door for sale Houston, TX

Visit our showroom to explore the different textures and levels of shine our doors can have.

If you’re lucky, you may be one of the few to pick up a discontinued model at a discount. The best part about our front door for sale Houston, TX selection is how fast you can use them. Upon purchasing the front doors, you can immediately bring them home and freshen up the place.

Not just the front doors, we also offer top-quality back doors and patio doors. These can also be found at a regular price or at a discount at our showroom. Whatever it is that you’re looking to add as the cherry-on-top for your dream home, we have the selection for it. Visit us today for the perfect front door for sale Houston, TX.

Houston, TX Fun Facts

  • More than 145 different languages are spoken in the city.
  • The first uttered word on the Moon is “Houston.”
  • The Houston Astros won the World Series twice.