Ever felt limited by the options companies provide you? Southern Front is no stranger to this. We offer our customers options to customize their products fully. The diversity of custom wood doors The Woodlands TX has to offer are extensive, but the door company Southern Front provides the most personalized. While our premade options are plentiful, creating it for yourself will give that extra special touch to your home that you won’t forget. As the introduction to your home, it should express all of the character and personality that lives within.

Custom Wood Doors The Woodlands TX

What Types Of Wood Do We Offer?

Our selection spans three different types of wood that will give you the best benefits that wood can offer, from the vibrant red timber of mahogany to the rustic western feel of the knotted alder and the rich deep hues of Andean Walnut. Each of them has their own personality and texture that holds subtle flairs. Mahogany stands apart for its lighthearted elegance, and originating from Belize makes it a tropical choice. It is one that would suit any beach house or bungalow, and give the modern suburban home a touch of the Americas. Knotted Alder is the kind of wood you would be familiar with seeing in country homes. It goes perfect with the warm southern architecture that’s plentiful in Texas. Finally, our third choice, Andean Walnut, is the most mature and evocative. Its dark coloring will contrast any home in a relaxing and grounding manner and complement a woodland setting, breathing a breath of fresh air into any home.

What Quality Is This Wood?

Each of our doors can stand the test of time and the strength of storms! We know there are so many ways in which you depend on your door for protection. That’s why we work so hard to make sure that each area of concern is taken into account. From the obvious security concerns such as burglary to hurricane grade weather, our doors have the Southern Front guarantee that it will prove to be durable and reliable. We have options that are windstorm-approved and heavy enough not to be broken off the hinges. They will make sure that you are safe when the weather outside is frightful. The heavy moldings are raised, the wide stiles and rails are top of the line, and we provide thick layered laminated skins for surface protection too, so your door won’t be susceptible to scratches or grazing.

Is It Insulated?

As for insulation, wood is naturally resistant to temperature. The door will not absorb the heat and, thus, stay out of your home. It will be a great way to save on your electricity bill in the winter when you are trying to keep the heat inside. As for the summer, it will keep your rooms or house regulated and cool when the hotter seasons come in. As for someone living in Greater Houston, we know that temperature control is an absolute necessity, and we make sure not to overlook it. There is one more thing to note about our doors as well. While it insulates heat well, it is also great for suppressing sound. The thick doors will keep the sound levels from the outside low. If you’re rocking out inside, they will keep your anthems and ballads just so your ears can hear them. Southern Front wants to maximize energy efficiency and make sure that protection ranges across the board!

Can I Change The Color And Design?

The options for custom wood doors The Woodlands TX are open to more than the natural tones of the three wood types we offer. In fact, we provide up to 24 different kinds of shades for the wood that you select. After which we will need three coats of marine grade polyurethane with a satin finish. We finish all of our doors in an oil-based formula called Miniwax®. However, it’s not only the color of the door that you have access to. We give you a choice to select all kinds of different designs to carve into the door. Not just that, but how it hangs too. Options such as front doors, patio doors, sliding patio doors, interior doors, hinged doors, dutch doors, pocket doors, roller doors, bi-fold doors, sliding doors, pivot Doors, french doors, and more. We allow custom options in this instance, and we will work tirelessly to provide you with your exact vision.

Custom Wood Doors The Woodlands TX

How Does The Process Work?

The option for selecting custom wood doors The Woodlands TX is made easy and fast. Southern Front knows that you prefer a simple route to what you want. That’s why we will give you the ability to make purchases online or in our store, and in the event of a custom door, we have specific measures meant to provide you with our utmost attention. Our sales team is on stand by to answer any questions that you might have. You can write or call in an inquiry about the type of custom entry door that you want to create with us. We will work to find you all of your needs in a fast manner that keeps you on the go.

Is Shipping Reliable?

We have our own trusted service of packaging, shipping, and delivering your products with a focus on speed and safe-handling. As for custom wood doors The Woodlands TX is going to be a perfect addition to harmonize with the forestry. We’ll make sure it gets there fast, in one piece, and the best condition possible. Your package is boxed and shipped by our personnel to ensure that it passes every requirement. If you live in the Greater Houston area, we can even provide curbside delivery to bring it right to your door hassle-free. That way, we can provide you, our customer, with the easiest, most hands-free experience for door installation around. If you’re interested in coming to see our showroom, we are located at 11234 Jones Road West, Suite B, Houston, Texas, 77065. Feel free to call us anytime at 281-890-5860 to set up your appointment or for customer service. We can’t wait to hear from you. Stop by soon!


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