How To Properly Care for Your Steel Door

How To Properly Care for Your Steel Door

How To Properly Care for Your Steel Door.

Southern Front Door is all about integrity, efficiency, and high-quality work. With over 28 years in the industry of doors and glass, Jesse and Liz Salinas are considered experts. They took the business over in 2014 and have been running it successfully ever since. Southern Front Door specializes in both commercial and residential work.

One of the extraordinary things about Southern Front Door is that we professionally install front and exterior doors for entryways. However, this is a service extended exclusively for our local Houston market. Our contractors stain all of the doors in-house, the old-fashioned way. Thus, we know all about getting you the beautiful results that you want.

As you are purchasing a steel door, it is essential to know how to maintain the quality of your front door. As one of the first things people will see while approaching your home, you want it to look beautiful. Based on the look and feel of your property, our contractors will help you select the appropriate door that meets all of your requirements.

Furthermore, we offer financing through Synchrony Financial. Click here to read more about our financing process. Although there are door companies all over, there are few quite like us. Our clients are continuously satisfied with the level of service we provide. Now, you can upgrade the look of your front door and entry points to match your style.

How To Properly Care for Your Steel Door

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Caring For Your Steel Door

When it comes to maintaining the quality of your Southern Front steel door, less is more. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that their doors don’t require TLC now and then. On the contrary, this idea is incorrect. When you have a door that consists of higher quality materials, it matters more.

When you have a steel door, it does not have to be maintained often, but it should be looked after now and then. For instance, you could use water and mild soap to clean the door. Follow that up with using a soft cloth to wipe it dry. Additionally, you can use furniture wax periodically to boost the service life of your door.

There is no reason to keep waiting for your new doors. Let the best door company in all of Houston help you with putting the finishes touches on your dream home. Reach out to us at (281) 890-5860 or visit our locations page. We know you will be nothing short of happy once you see what we can do for you.