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Pick up a unique, gorgeous modern front door Houston, TX today. Just as with anything else on earth, your exteriors have an expiration date. Depending on the climate, use, and frequency of maintenance, your doors may last longer or shorter. Southern Front Doors guarantee your doors will have longevity on the higher end of the spectrum.

modern front door Houston, TX

Our modern front door Houston, TX has great longevity, and you are guaranteed excellent value with this purchase.

There are several ways to tell if an exterior door needs to be replaced:

  • The door “sticks” when closing or opening.
  • The front door is loose on its hinges.
  • There are cracks, breaks, moisture damage, and other signs on your door.

If your front door is in any of the conditions listed above, it’s time to find a suitable replacement. Other than the decreased property value a broken door brings, it also poses a security threat. Doors at risk of falling off the hinges should not be used, especially at the front entrance. We suggest considering our selection of premium, high-quality doors to fix the list of problems.

Upgrade Your Property With A Modern Front Door Houston, TX

Picking out the perfect modern front door Houston, TX is a serious task. Similar to how we keep our face clean and hair trimmed, our front doors represent our property. Changing your front door will make a big difference if you want to increase your property value.

Before considering putting a property on the housing market, a property appraisal is required to be completed. The appraisers look at several things, such as windows, walls, and doors. If your doors are either old or damaged, you could suffer a decrease in your property’s price.

To maximize the value of your home, Southern Front Door suggests the easiest solution. Finding a replacement modern front door Houston, TX is straightforward and we will help you every step of the process, even after making the purchase. Our doors come in wood, iron, and fiberglass materials.

Wood Doors

Rather than the highly-manufactured, unnatural look, we opted to stain our own doors. All our wood entry doors are professionally stained the old-fashioned way, with oil-based stain. You can choose from 24 different colors of oil-based MiniWax®. For a more modern design, people tend to gravitate towards lighter and cooler shades of wood color. No matter the color or dimension you want, we can customize it.

The first thought people probably have regarding hardwood doors is that they have an antique and outdated look. Hardwood doors are more flexible than that, and they have proven to do so in modern housing designs. With geometric rather than spherical designs, we can easily achieve the style of modern front door Houston, TX design you want.

modern front door Houston, TX

Completely transform the atmosphere around your home with our modern front door Houston, TX selection.

Iron Doors

With the iron material, we can achieve a variety of classy, modern looks. Paired with decorative glass panels, wrought iron doors painted in black will bring out other colors on the exterior of your home. The matte texture that metals and minerals naturally have adds a really nice touch in bringing attention to clean-cut edges.

Other than the aesthetic factors, people prefer using iron doors to increase security in their homes. This type of door has the highest resistance to brute force and fire.

Fiberglass Doors

Although fiberglass does not have as long of a history as the other two materials, it can be regarded as “better” in some aspects. Fiberglass doors are unaffected by rain, moisture, and humidity. With changes in temperature, wood can expand or shrink. And when faced with insects like wood ants or termites, it can be hard to fix the problem once the interior of the door has been invaded. Weather is something that even durable iron doors aren’t entirely immune towards. If neglected, excessive water over long periods of time can cause rust.

Fiberglass also makes it easier to mimic different textures, such as hardwood. People who want the longevity of fiberglass doors can pick out front doors crafted just like hardwood doors. And it’s pretty hard to point out the difference. For the price of one type of door, you get access to the benefits of the other two.

A Finishing Touch To Complete The Look

If you remember from retro films, the door handles to a gorgeous estate complete the look the designer wanted to convey. Movies often include a close-up shot of the door handles on a castle the protagonist is about to enter, which is also true in real life. Our eyes naturally gravitate toward the handles and doorbell before we enter a house. We suggest browsing through our hardware selection if you want to leave a good impression on your visitors.

Whether it’s lockset hardware or a multi-point lock set, we have options. If your front entrance has a dimension for single doors, you can look at our Emtek handle sets. All are made in different design styles and finished with either Oil Rubbed Bronze, Medium Bronze, or Satin Nickel finish.

We Have Been THE Trusted Source

modern front door Houston, TX

Our unique services are extended to both residential homeowners and commercial businesses.

Southern Front Doors was established in the 1990s by Sam and Susan Fortenberry, and Jesse and Liz Salinas later acquired it in 2014.

As a family-owned and -operated door supplier, we believe in serving the Greater Houston community that has been with us for close to 30 years. Our photo gallery documents all the transformations we have created for our Houston homeowners.

You can tell if a business has integrity and honesty based on how they operate. If you search for our business on Google Reviews, you’ll see that we have an excellent score of 4 stars.

On other platforms, we also average between 4 to 4.4 stars. Your Houston neighbors are the best form of proof for our doors, parts, and services.

We offer professional installation and safe delivery for local Houstonians for our modern front door Houston, TX. If you live beyond the city limit, we have the Crate & Freight Program to fit your needs. With this delivery program, you can get curbside delivery to any location. No matter where you are, we will work to accommodate your needs.

Visit our business or contact our sales representatives to find your dream modern front door Houston, TX.

Houston, Texas Fun Facts

  • The city’s surface area is around 665 square miles.
  • “The City With No Limits” is the city’s motto.
  • Houston was formally established on June 5, 1837.