Pre-Hung vs. Slab Doors

Although installing a door is not too complex, it can be out of some people’s expertise. If you fall into this category, then Southern Front Doors would be happy to install your door. Our professional and experienced team will install your door correctly the very first time.

If you are a DIYer, then your next project may be installing a new door. When you purchase a new door, you will be greeted with two different types: pre-hung and slab doors. It is important to know the differences in these door types because they can affect the installation process and how they fit their designated door frame.

Differences in Doors

The manufacturers of pre-hung doors intend for the final product to have almost everything you need to install a door. Pre-hung doors feature the frame, hinges, door slab, and other important features of a door. For this reason, they are more responsive than their slab door counterparts. Even though pre-hung doors feature many resources to install a door, they do not include parts like a doorknob, fasteners, or paint.

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Pre-hung doors offer many benefits over the slab counterpart. Primarily, you can install your door faster than a slab door. Since it comes packaged with attached hinges and a door frame, you will save a lot of time installing it. It is important to note that a pre-hung door is not guaranteed to fit its planned location. So, be sure to measure correctly.

A slab door is stripped of a door frame, hinges, mortises, and other installation features the pre-hung door includes. It is up to you, the installer, to attach the slab to a door frame and add the other important aspects of a door. Door slabs typically only include a precut doorknob hole.

The biggest benefit of slab doors is their smaller price tag. Furthermore, the design flexibility of a slab door is also greater. Unlike pre-hung doors, you would be able to install vintage doors with a slab version. One disadvantage of slab doors is their difficulty level for installation. It can be difficult to install a slab door correctly because of the high level of carpentry.

Take a Break from DIYing

In order to get the best door installation, contact Southern Front Doors. Our team will install your door the correct way the very first time. Instead of worrying about whether your door will look right or operate the way it was intended, rest easy knowing Southern Front Doors can get the job done. Contact our team today by calling (281) 890-5860. You may also view our products page for details on all of our door options.