Frugal Homeowners Will Love Our Scratch N’ Dent Corner

Southern Front Door builds custom front doors, per client request. We provide homeowners and home builders the option to choose from over 10,000 entry door styles. When you multiply that by the various woods, materials, stains, and colors that we can apply, you can see that the list grows quite endless. Front single doors to quadruple entry doors, we can build just about any front door you can imagine.

Do you need a new front door? Looks like it!

However, we know that just because we can build it doesn’t mean everyone wants to pay for it. At Southern Front Door, we offer exceptional prices and ever better special offers. Yet and still, we know that the budget builder is always on the hunt for a lower and lower price tag. If that sounds like you or a thrifty homeowner you know, Southern Front Door can still be of assistance.

Don’t sacrifice the beauty, safety, or security of your home holding on to a tired, worn front door. When your door fails to insulate your home but you still put off paying for a new one, you lose a dollar trying to hold on to 100 pennies. Instead, check out the Scratch N’ Dent Corner in our showroom for rock-bottom prices on some pretty great doors.

What Can You Do With a Scratch N’ Dent Door?

In a lot of cases, there’s nothing actually wrong with the doors we put in the Scratch N’ Dent corner. They just weren’t up to our standards or the customer’s expectations. Basically, anything that wasn’t specifically designed for our showroom could be placed here. That includes standard doors of all materials that were over-ordered or one-offs. With prices as low as $150, you might be able to find a door in our showroom that costs half the price of a modern TV.

Save money on your new front door!

Visit Today!

The inventory in the Scratch N’ Dent corner is constantly rotating, and these deals are first come first serve. Visit our showroom today in Houston Monday thru Saturday to check out these amazing doors and their amazing prices. If you have any questions about these doors or any others in our inventory, get in touch with us. You can contact Southern Front Door online or by phone at (281) 890-5860.