The Southern Front Door Finish

Are you looking at your door and wishing it was more inviting? After all, the first thing people look at when knocking is the outside of your door. When you go to the bathroom, one of the first things you look at is your door. If you’re a home owner walking into your hallway, doors surround you on either side. Don’t you want a mundane object your eyes constantly engage with to be less grotesque? When you get right down to it, we like looking at things that appeal to our senses. Why not let one of those things be something you interact with everyday?

Southern Front Door

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At Southern Front Door, we take care of all your door needs. There are especially unique looks we carry which will appeal to your visual senses. Create that spark again by changing things up! Their inventory is vast and vary by types. Such types consist of iron entry doors, castle entry doors, and even barn doors. Their selection should fit most, if not all of your decor needs. The Scratch N’ Dent Department is even geared towards selling doors in various conditions. It can be leftovers, extras, or one-offs. We have you covered.

Why settle for an ordinary, pale door when you can add color to your life? After all, the atmosphere of your household contributes to setting the tone for your visitors. Imagine visiting someone else’s home and the first thing you see is an old, lifeless door that screams “replace me now”. It can be depressing and uninviting. Walking into something with no appeal and uninviting for a dinner party can set the mood for the whole evening.

At Southern Front Door, we understand just how critical first impressions can be. Your home is your castle. You should treat every aspect of your household as such. It is your domain and can tell friends and family what kind of person you are. Showing you care about something as simple as a door can tell others you are detailed. By displaying this side of yourself, you can subliminally tell them how to behave in your house. This is especially true if the interior of your household is just as clean, warm, and inviting as your door.

The Door Finish

Southern Front Door

Beautiful oil finish on our stained doors.

Before thinking a door doesn’t have much impact on how you’re perceived, think about it. If you had the choice, would you go into a home with a door nearly falling off its hinges and littered with age? Or would you step into a door with a nice finish and easy to access? Make the call today at (281) 890-5860. Don’t wait to step into your new inviting door.