Types of Doors and Its Benefits

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Doors and Its Benefits

Have you ever looked at something ordinary as a door and wonder why that specific type was made for the home? Southern Front Door sells various types of doors for that sole purpose. As you can see here, there are descriptions for every door type and its uses. Southern Front Door makes sure to inform all of their customers on how beneficial their products are. Whether it be the casting or the finish, they ensure you are engaged in the design of your new purchase.

The Types

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Door Types

There are various types of doors responsible for specific purposes. The iron doors for instance are made of thick, 14 gauge iron. This allows your doors to be sturdy and durable. Its durability also wards off potential thieves. It is harder to knock down or break into a door with something as secure as iron. Also, the look gives off a castle impression. If you’re into the prestigious look, the iron doors adds a nice touch for that appearance.

Wooden doors are of course, a classic! It’s something about polish oil on wood that gives the wood itself a nice, finished look. Wooden doors are easier to customize to fit the look you want. The material also makes for great heat insulators. If you live in an area which naturally experiences cold climate, wood may be the way to go. Not to mention it is a great noise insulator.

If you are looking for something which is resistant to wear and tear, fiberglass doors may be the option for you. Fiberglass doors stand up to dents, scratches, and even rust. Plus, they are versatile. They can be customized to fit the paint colors you wish or be adjusted for height and/or overall appearance. The insulating fibers of the fiberglass also help with low energy costs.

Another option that may suit your fancy are steel doors. The material prevents heat or cold from entering your home. This means regardless of the temperature outside, it doesn’t affect your thermostat. Such a benefit greatly aids with energy efficiency and cost. If you micro manage the way you utilize energy, this is an optimal solution to fit your needs. It is also 18 gauge thick, preventing dents perhaps better than iron doors and is also kick proof.

If any of these doors pique your interest as you are looking for something new, Southern Front Door can accommodate you. Our Scratch N’ Dent department also provides great deals that are affordable. You can access our company contact by clicking here. Capitalize on your new door savings while supplies last.