What Are The Benefits of a Steel Door?

Did you know that you could install a steel front door in your home? You may have only seen steel doors in commercial buildings. At Southern Front, we can build a custom steel front door for your residence. Steel doors provide several benefits to homeowners that commercial property owners have been taking advantage of for years. You can reap some of these benefits with the help of Southern Front. But first, it might be helpful to know what they are.

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Energy Savings

Steel doors are great insulators. You’ll save money on your energy bill each month with a steel door that keeps the cool air in your home during the summer and the hot air in during the winter. And don’t worry—you won’t have to spend all of your savings on upkeep for the door. Steel doors are durable and don’t cost much to maintain. We have Therma Plus steel doors in our inventory. Imagine how much money you could save with a steel door!


Our steel doors are built with 18-gauge steel. That means that our doors are dent-resistant and kick-proof. You don’t have to worry about outside threats breaking in through your front door. In addition to preventing other people from getting in, inclement weather won’t penetrate the door, either. Thoroughly protect your home with a steel door.

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Modern Look

If the interior of your home is modern, a wooden door might seem mismatched. Complement your contemporary interior design with a steel door that attests that you keep up with the times. Your house will look and feel like a fortress with a steel door, and guests will be pleasantly surprised to find coordinated furniture once inside.

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We can guarantee the above benefits for our steel doors. We can’t promise that another company provides doors made of the same durable, high-quality materials. Furthermore, we provide manufacturer warranties on our steel doors to give you an added sense of security. Call us today at (281) 890-5860 or contact us here if you’re interested in installing a steel front door in your home. We’ll discuss your options in more detail and craft the perfect, personalized door for your home.