Why is Professional Door Installation Important?

Professional door installation is a necessity for your door, regardless of it being new or old. You or someone you know may have decided to install it on your own, but we advise against that. There are several reasons that we want you to consider before attempting an amateur door installation. This way, you are getting the best out of your doors and not letting in foreign intruders of a few kinds.

Let’s talk about the risks of improper door installation and how they can affect your home.

Water Damage

Protect your home from water damage

Houston is located near the coast, so we get quite a lot of rainfall every year. We also have an intimidating hurricane season with a track record of causing destruction. Regardless of the season, water is abundant in our great city. For this reason, Houston residents are particularly susceptible to water damage. Given entrance to your house, water can ruin wooden furniture and floors, carpets, and be generally destructive. If you would like to avoid water seeping in from the outside, having your door properly installed is essential. That way, your door does its job of separating you from the outside world properly.

Insects and Animals

Small creatures could sneak into your home

Do you know who loves improperly sealed doors? Roaches, termites, spiders, ants, and mice. When your door is not installed correctly, it is an open invitation for little creepy crawlies to get in. An infestation of any of these creatures could be catastrophic or generally unsettling and unsanitary. Termites would probably be the worst of those, considering they would then burrow in your wood and multiply like crazy until you were overrun with them.

No one wants to run into a roach or spider in their home, nor do they want a trail of ants finding their way in and infesting the kitchen. Having any of these insects inside your home can make you feel uneasy. Imagine if your guests ran into mice while visiting you. That might be a little worse than a standard social nightmare.

Encourage these small creatures to continue doing their respective jobs outside of your home. That is where they belong, after all.

Intruders and Threats

If your front door has not been installed properly, it makes you more vulnerable to intruders. Under no circumstances do you want someone being able to break into your home because your door is flimsy. It needs to act as a barrier, not as a small obstacle to get past. You want to be able to lock your door and know that no one would be able to get past it. Investing in a solid door that has been installed properly could be a life saver.

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