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Southern Front Door is your premier door provider! We have deals of the day and specials for our customers who would like to purchase our various selections. Moreover, we have the leading brands of door offers in Houston. These brands include Hardwood Doors, Memphis Steel & Iron Works, Therma Tru Doors, and Glass Craft Door Company. By partnering with them, we ensure your door is straight from the factory or customized to fit your needs. Therefore, our variety of doors is something to behold.

Our forged iron doors, for example, are professionally made, including double insulated and operable glass along with an adjustable sill. They are sturdy doors that can hold up against the toughest of tampering. People can tend to take doors for granted. Here at Southern Front Door, we know how crucial your entries are. Additionally, your doors provide you with security and privacy. For instance, can you imagine being in a household that doesn’t have a door for your entrance? Anyone in the neighborhood would be able to walk into your home.

We make space for new double entry doors!

Plus, doors give you a barrier r division to conduct your private matters. Can you imagine using the bathroom without a door in place to keep your business a mystery? It can be embarrassing. As you can see, doors provide several different purposes for your everyday affairs. Southern Front Door offers a variety of doors with different prices revolved around what you’re looking for. One of the original features we have is our showroom. It presents illustrious doors and designs too good to pass up.

See Our Showroom!

Our Scratch and Dent Department, for instance, is located in the corner of our showroom, where we advertise different products. These products include doors that are leftovers, extras, ordered in wrong, one-of-a-kind items, or even slightly blemished doors can be found at our showcases. However, our inventory of the products are rotated weekly due to the various customers who get our limited-time items. Therefore, access to doors in our showroom is a first-come basis. Also, it is a cash and carry only, so be prepared when coming to our event.

Southern Front Door

Pristine door designs!

Prices vary, starting at one-hundred and fifty dollars, and we spare no expense in giving you ample products suited to your liking. We even have doors that are perfectly fine in the showcase. Our hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can also call us at (281) 890-5860 for more info! Let Southern Front Door be your premier door provider!