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A New Door Can Save You Energy

Are you having trouble keeping your electricity bill low? It might be hard to believe but it could be your house that’s causing this. In the past, without the advances in technology, houses were not made as well. They were good insulators, but only by necessity. At Southern Front, our doors will not only protect from the heat or the cold, but it will keep the climate of your home regulated, too. Our blog post today will demonstrate how a new door can save you energy. Working to increase your energy saving is a good idea and we want to help. We can work with you to discover a door that will do wonders for your comfort and costs.

How Do I Know If My Door Is Costing Me?

There are a few subtle details you can pay attention to that will highlight the inefficiencies of your door. Regardless of the season, a door must perform above and beyond the standard requirements. Factory applied weather stripping wears out, dirt accumulates crevices along seals, and seasonal swelling and shrinking can affect how well it closes. In the summer, your door could be hot to the touch from being sunbathed all day. This is a sign that the door is radiating heat into your home. When this happens, it puts more stress on your air-conditioner to keep the house cool. If you’re a Houston native, then you’ll understand just how important air-conditioning is. lowering the costs by having a door that represses heat from the outside will make drastic improvements in your energy use.

What Will Make It More Energy Efficient?

There are a lot of options to consider, there are new forms of weather stripping that have higher energy ratings. The hight of the threshold sweep your door makes can be modified to reduce the amount of air leakage. The door can be coated in more resistant materials that won’t shrink or swell as greatly. A door with more insulative materials will keep the temperature regulated, too. All of these options can make drastic effects on the amount of energy you’re using. Changing these can help reduce your energy bills.

Should I Buy A New Door Or Fix My Old One?

When it comes to doors, they are the most important access ways in the house and deserve to be kept in good shape. This is why we recommend that you consider a new door. Southern Front Doors can offer you an exceptional variety. We can offer many types of doors and many different styles and features. Often times, making all of these adjustments on your own will cost you more than a new door will. Plus, our doors will already have new and improved tech to protect you from the energy losses. You won’t have to worry about going out and searching for better because we implement the best options to save you the most money.

Contact Us For A New Door! 

We want to help you make a home that is beautiful and cost-effective. Our selection will impress and ensure that you will find exactly what you’re looking for. No more compromise, save your money and buy a door that will enhance your home, rather than cost it. Home improvement is an investment for the future!