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Mahogany 6-Lite TDL arch lite, square top double door unit, with FLEMISH insulated glass pre-finished in Ebony stain, 6/0 x 8/0 Pre-hung in a 6-5/8″ primed jamb, LH active, inswing , with both door bored, this door had a handle set installed then removed. Bronze adjustable threshold and hinges.  This door unit is sold AS IS for $2,599.00 + tax.

Does not include shipping or installation.

This is a pre-hung smooth fiberglass double door unit, with half lite 9-lite clear glass. This door unit is pre-hung in a 4-9/16″ primed jamb and is a LH-active, inswing double door. It measures 66″ wide x 82″ tall unit size. This door is complete with hinges, weather-stripping, adjustable threshold and is being sold as is for $600, this does not include tax, shipping, or installation.

2-identical smooth fiberglass double french door units (66-1/4″ x 98″ unit size)  3/4-lite with clear insulated glass. Pre-hug in a 4-5/8″ primed paint grade jamb. RH-active, inswing units, with bronze hinges, and bronze adjustable threshold. The 2 door units are being sold as is for $800 each, this does not include tax,  shipping, installation or any trim.

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$2400 Special- Mahogany double door unit, 2-panel doors with round top panel. Doors are pre-finished in Red Mahogany stain. The doors are pre-hung in a 4-9/16″ primed jamb, RH, in-swing, with bronze adjustable threshold and bronze hinges. The doors are both double bored and had a handle set already installed, so the bottom hole for the handle set is drilled already. The door unit measures 74″wide x 98″ tall. This door is being sold as is.


Mahogany single door units 2-of them,    (1-LH & 1-RH)  2-panel round panel door pre-finished in Red Mahogany finish. Pre-hung in a 4-5/8″ primed jamb, double bored for lockset and dead bolt. Bronze adjustable threshold and bronze hinges.

$700 each as is great deal…..