The Southern Door Company

Southern Front Doors is your one-stop-shop for all of your entryway needs. Plus, Our specials occur all the time for our customer’s convenience. We care about the entryways of your home. If you think about it, everyone needs doors in their everyday lives. Our doors provide security, privacy, insulation, and style! If you’re in the […]

Need a New Door? Come to Our Store!

Southern Front Doors is the premier location for your new door. Our located is in Houston, TX 77065, at 11234 Jones Road West, Suite B, for your convenience. With the holidays comes the chill of winter. You want your home to be comfortable and warm. Therefore, Southern Front Doors offers a variety of doors to […]

The Southern Touch

If you’re a person who wakes up in the morning from your bed only to hear the sound of creaking hinges, it’s time you invested in a new door. It can be frustrating to walk in your entryway only to deal with a door practically falling off its hinges. Southern Front is here to give […]

Find Your Way to Your New Entryway!

Southern Front Door is a company that prides itself in getting you the top-quality product you need for your residence. Our doors come with a pristine finish, along with multiple styles for you and your family to enjoy. Our fiberglass doors, for example, have strong durability, which is excellent for security. When you have guests […]

Check Out Our Scratch and Dent Department

Check out our Scratch and Dent Department! Southern Front Door offers doors with satin finishes and designs capable of enrichening the look of your home. Our Scratch and Dent department is located in the corner of our showroom, where we display a variety of door options. Such options include doors that are leftovers, extras, one-of-a-kind […]

The Door Company of Houston

Southern Front Door is the door company of Houston. With all of their different designs, it’s clear to see why. Southern Front Door has been established since 1996 and have been in the door and glass business for over 28 years! We are a family own and operated company that offers our services to the […]

Your Premier Door Provider

Southern Front Door is your premier door provider! We have deals of the day and specials for our customers who would like to purchase our various selections. Moreover, we have the leading brands of door offers in Houston. These brands include Hardwood Doors, Memphis Steel & Iron Works, Therma Tru Doors, and Glass Craft Door […]

Your Local Southern Front Door

Your local Southern Front Door sells a variety of different options for your door preferences. When it comes to giving you alternatives, we are the prime store to do so. Due to our showroom, we offer a variety of different products which may appeal to your style. Southern Front Door is your local Houston market […]

Get Your New Door Here!

Get your new door here at Southern Front Door. When it comes to your door replacements, we have got you covered. Doors can lose their “oomph” for many reasons. Maybe you moved into an old house, or perhaps you have rowdy people in your home who are a bit too rough on the door. Whatever […]

Shut the Front Door!

Shut the front door! There’s no way such great deals can exist. Can it? Here at Southern Front Door, it can. We offer great prices when it comes to our Scratch and Dent Department. This department is located in the corner of our showroom, where we display many options for front doors, back doors, and […]