Get Your New Door Here!

Get your new door here at Southern Front Door. When it comes to your door replacements, we have got you covered. Doors can lose their “oomph” for many reasons. Maybe you moved into an old house, or perhaps you have rowdy people in your home who are a bit too rough on the door. Whatever […]

Shut the Front Door!

Shut the front door! There’s no way such great deals can exist. Can it? Here at Southern Front Door, it can. We offer great prices when it comes to our Scratch and Dent Department. This department is located in the corner of our showroom, where we display many options for front doors, back doors, and […]

The Door Showroom

The door showroom is a prime feature of Southern Front Door. We have a Scratch and Dent department in the corner of our showroom. Various door types such as wood, iron, fiberglass, and steel can be found among our many options. Our business is family-owned and operated by Jesse and Liz Salinas. We were established […]

Come to the Scratch N Dent

Come to the Scratch N Dent Department here at Southern Front Door is located in the corner of our showroom, where we display a variety of doors. Southern Front Door specializes in financing doors for your particular needs. If your door is falling from its hinges, doesn’t lock securely, or is not keeping up with […]

Save Hundreds On Our “Imperfect Produce!”

Did you know that you can get a great deal on produce at some markets if you ask for the “imperfect” fruits and veggies? In most cases, this produce has very few blemishes, or is just a bit smaller than the rest. Those farmers will give you a great price on produce that’s going to […]

Ways To Save On Your New Front Door

At Southern Front Door, we’re always bringing you ways to save on your next front door purchase. We offer a variety of special offers from month to month or even day-to-day. However, we haven’t really laid out a complete guide to finding an affordable front door for your home. Keep reading this blog to learn […]

Frugal Homeowners Will Love Our Scratch N’ Dent Corner

Southern Front Door builds custom front doors, per client request. We provide homeowners and home builders the option to choose from over 10,000 entry door styles. When you multiply that by the various woods, materials, stains, and colors that we can apply, you can see that the list grows quite endless. Front single doors to […]

DIY Front Door Customization

If you’re looking for a truly amazing deal, take a look at the doors in the Scratch N’ Dent corner in our showroom. Though these doors might require a bit of inspection, you’re likely to leave Southern Front Doors with a high-quality door for an absolute steal. Our Scratch N’ Dent corner houses doors with […]

Types of Doors and Its Benefits

Have you ever looked at something ordinary as a door and wonder why that specific type was made for the home? Southern Front Door sells various types of doors for that sole purpose. As you can see here, there are descriptions for every door type and its uses. Southern Front Door makes sure to inform […]

The Southern Front Door Finish

Are you looking at your door and wishing it was more inviting? After all, the first thing people look at when knocking is the outside of your door. When you go to the bathroom, one of the first things you look at is your door. If you’re a home owner walking into your hallway, doors […]