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Replace Your Entry Door Every Few Years

Your front door to your entryway for your home says a lot about you. Why allow it to end up looking shabby, or worse, not function properly? At Southern Front Doors, we ensure every customer has a dream door that they’re proud of! Moreover, we take pride in every door we make, so you will […]

Importance of a weatherstrip on your new door

A beautiful door in the front of a home can bring the house to life. It can give it a different look and can be such an upgrade to your home’s curb appeal. If you have been searching for a new door for the exterior of your home, then visit us at Southern Front Doors.  […]

The Woodlands Entry Door Designs

The front of your door is incredibly telling of your home, so why not spruce it up? For the best entry doors in all of The Woodlands, head to Southern Front Doors today! We carry a wide variety of exceptionally beautiful entryway doors and much more! Entry Door Types When choosing Southern Front Doors for […]

Proper Door Sealing on All Four Sides

It can be challenging to find the best possible door out there. Luckily, Southern Front Doors are here for you and all your door requirements! With an unbeatable selection, Southern Front Doors certainly will carry your dream door in stock. However, looks aren’t always everything. While we have an unbeatable selection of styles and materials, […]

Properly installing pre-hung door units

Pre-hung doors are doors that are ready to be installed in your doorway. It comes with a frame and hardware that makes it easy for you to install. Hanging a pre-made door is not as complicated as it might seem. You don’t need to have much experience either. If you are doing just 1 door […]

Adjustable Threshold Importance

When dealing with door replacements or renovations, it’s important you’re well-versed on the type of door replacements at your disposal. Allow our pros at Southern Front Doors to help you decide! With our areas of expertise, we will ensure you find the perfect door for you and your home’s style. When getting a door replacement, […]

Which Door is Right for Your Home?

Are you wondering which door is right for your home? It would help if you kept in mind many different aspects when deciding which door is the correct entrance for you. Depending on your house alone, it will help you decide which door will significantly accommodate the overall look. You will want to have a […]

Why do I Need an Iron Door?

If you check out our website, you might find yourself asking why do I need an iron door? You then might ask yourself, why do I need an iron door from you people at Southern Front Door? All good questions, and we could rattle off a few reasons why you would benefit from using us. […]