Why Your Home Needs Double Entry Doors

Double entry doors can make a huge difference in the inside and outdoor appearance of your home. If you have the space for double entry doors in your entryway, we highly recommend that you consider them as an option. You might be surprised by the difference they can make in the appearance and functionality of […]

3 Ways New Doors Can Transform Your Home

New doors have the potential to transform your home, inside and out. Of course, in order to ensure such a transformation, you’ll want to be sure of a few things. Firstly, you need to find a door manufacturer who offers you plenty of options and customizations to choose from, This gives you the greatest chance […]

3 Myths About Custom Doors

What if the only thing in the way of you and a new custom door is a bit of misinformation? We’re here to clear up a few rumors about custom entry doors and interior doors. If you’ve been debating whether or not to make this often-necessary transformation to your home, don’t let these myths stop […]

Custom or Pre-built: How To Choose

When deciding to install new doors for your home, you always have to decide between custom or pre-built doors. Both seem to have their own perks and drawbacks, and we’re here to help you decide. Of course, there’s no right or wrong decision. As long as your new doors are high-quality and you have them […]

The Rise Of Fiberglass Doors

There are few materials that have become more widespread in this modern era than fiberglass. It has been the pinnacle of design for almost every industry in some way, shape, or form. This blend of glass fibers and resin composite has been adapted and re-engineered time and time again, and it has only managed to […]

Wooden Doors At Southern Front

Are you considering wooden doors for your home? Southern Front can provide you with a vast array of options for your house that can fit any style or theme. The benefits of wooden doors are extensive, and they are one of the most traditional types of doors available. They have been used for over a […]

Learn About Our Wrought Iron Doors

Have you looked into wrought iron or forged iron doors? They are amazing artisan creations that can bring a beautiful touch to your home. They will stand out far more than the typical wooden and fiberglass doors that you see today. With their eclectic history and eccentric design options, you can get a major upgrade […]

Thermal Protection: Which Type Of Door Is Best?

In the realm of thermal protection, do you know what type of door will provide the most insulation? This is an important issue to discuss as the summer and winter months exhibit extreme temperatures that we’re not comfortable experiencing all of the time. This, in turn, results in the use of air conditioning to keep […]

What Are The Best Doors For Summer?

When the heat is ramping up, it’s time to start thinking about energy efficiency. Now that it’s starting to stay light out all day, you will want to have a door that can withstand all of that heat. It’s no joke, especially when the temperatures are exceeding 100 degrees on a regular basis. You have […]

What Are Some Common Problems For Doors?

While every door has features and benefits that can help your home, all of them have drawbacks. It’s just a natural fact of life to have some degree of flaws. They are simply issues that have to be dealt with. The door itself is usually in good condition, it’s just a matter of maintenance. You […]