Southern Front Door Installation Policy, Procedures and Warranty

Southern Front, Inc.

Updated April of 2023

 Door Installation Policy, Procedures and Warranty

 What to expect with your new door installation:
Southern Front, Inc. will strive to do our best with your door installation.

Our experienced installers will take the necessary steps to ensure your new door unit is secure, square, level, and plumb.

Keep in mind that we did not build your house and we are not responsible if your current doorway is not level or plumb.

Sometimes it is necessary to adjust and adapt to your existing opening.

Door slab installation in customers’ existing frame:

How old is your house and or door frame?

Has there been any settling?

Is the frame square, level and plumb?

If you choose to have us install a slab door in your existing door frame, we will do our best to make sure your new door fits your existing frame to the best of our ability.

Our doors are square and straight.

Your existing door frame may not be.

Slab door installations do not include removing, adjusting, or re-framing your existing frame.

If this becomes necessary, there will be an additional charge.

Construction debris and dust:

 Removal of an existing door and installation of a new door creates dust and debris.

Our installer will put down plastic or a drop cloth around the area where he is working and remove all debris upon his departure.

It is the customers’ responsibility to make sure the installer has a clean, safe, uncluttered workplace.

If you feel your floor requires extra protection that plastic or a drop cloth does not provide, it is your responsibility to supply and apply this layer of protection.

Handle Sets:

 Southern Front, Inc. has a large selection of handle sets to choose from.

When you purchase a door installation and handle set from us, we will install the handle set at the time of the door installation and ensure everything is in good working order.

Will Southern Front, Inc. install my old handle set or a handle set I purchased somewhere other than Southern Front, Inc.? Yes.

As a courtesy, we will install your handle set at the time of the door installation.

If there is a problem with a customer supplied handle set, we are not liable for any installation issues that may arise.

If additional trips are required, you will be responsible for payment of additional service calls.

Mortise handle sets will not be installed as a courtesy.

There is a charge for this service.

Be sure to let your Southern Front, Inc. salesperson know if you have a mortise handle set.

My handle set worked in my old door, now it doesn’t work in my new door.

Once again, we are installing your lockset as a courtesy.

We will do our best to make sure your handle set works, but if it doesn’t, it’s up to you to correct the issue.

Plaster, sheetrock, paint, masonry, and flooring.

 Southern Front, Inc. does not plaster, sheetrock, paint or perform masonry work.

Some installations may require additional work.

This work is the responsibility of the customer.

Wood becomes dry and brittle with age.

Should our installer need to remove any existing trim to install the door unit, Southern Front, Inc., or their installer is not liable for any breakage or splitting.

Upon removal of the old door, it is very likely that the flooring will not meet up with the new door, this is common.

Typically, a void / gap appears.

This does not compromise the integrity of the installation.

We supply a “floor strip” to “bridge” that gap / void, as a decorative, not structural item, for a nominal charge.

We are not responsible for extending, or replicating, the wood, or tile flooring.

Even if you have saved up extra pieces of the old flooring, we are not knowledgeable, or equipped, to perform flooring work.

Same goes for tile, marble, terrazzo, or carpet.

We are not equipped to extend such floorings to where the new threshold now terminates.

Our only solution is the “floor strip”, provided at a nominal charge.

Alarm contacts and or doorbell:

 As a courtesy our installer will do his very best to make sure your existing alarm contacts and your doorbell are in working order.

He is a door installer, not an electrician.

If a situation arises that he just cannot easily remedy while he is there, it is your responsibility to have a qualified person with the specific expertise to remedy the problem at your expense.

Installation labor warranty:

Southern Front, Inc. will warrant from the day of installation, for a period of 90 days, any labor related issue regarding your door installation.

Any adjustments needed after the 90-day period will result in a service charge.

In some instances, if the weather is too cold or too rainy or stormy, we may have to reschedule your installation to a later date.

Please keep in mind weather delays such as heavy rain or storms are delays, we cannot foresee.

 It is not good practice to attempt to install exterior doors when it is raining.

Mainly for safety purposes, but also because we do not want to install an exterior door in a damp environment.

 Adhesives and caulking do not dry properly, and wood products absorb water and make the installation not as accurate as we would like it to be.

Please note that rescheduling your installation cannot necessarily be the very next day as we have an ongoing schedule.

 If we must reschedule your installation, we will work it in as quickly as possible on the next available day per our schedule.

Our installers typically do not work on Saturdays as they have the weekends off to spend with their families.

 We appreciate your cooperation as we would like nothing else but to install your door as quickly as possible.



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