Choose a Southern Front Door Finish!

Our seven-step finishing procedure produces a door with a beautiful, oil-based protective finish that ensures long life and distinguished beauty.  Our experienced craftsmen apply only the highest quality oil-based stains and marine grade top coats.  Then they hand sand each door after each step.  This finishing system assures beautiful and long-lasting protection.   

  • Inspecting and Hand Sanding – Every door and component is closely inspected prior to the finishing process to ensure quality.  Then each door is hand sanded to ensure a perfect base upon which to begin the finish process.
  • Staining the Door with an Oil-Based Stain – Choose from 22 stain colors!  We only use oil-based stains.  The pigments in the stain are resistant to fading and bleeding.  Each stain remains on the door for the optimal period of time, to ensure the color penetrates deeply into the wood. 
  • First Coat of a Marine Grade, Oil-Based Top Coat – After staining and drying, the door is inspected again.  Then the door is lightly hand sanded prior to the application of the first top coat layer.  The first coat of marine grade, oil-based top coat is then applied.  
  • Hand Sanding – After the first top coat layer dries, the door is again inspected. Then another detail hand sanding of all components.
  • Second Coat of Marine Grade, Oil-Based Top Coat – A second coat of marine grade, oil-based top coat is then applied.
  • Hand Sanding – The final sanding step assures the beauty of the final product.
  • Third and Final Coat of Marine Grade, Oil-Based Top Coat – A heavy final coat is applied, which provides the extra layer of protection against the sun and elements.


Choose from any of these MinWax stains.

(colors may vary due to wood specie and texture)