Can Your New Door Save You Money?

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have when deciding whether or not to install new doors in their homes is the matter of cost. Fortunately, Southern Front Door offers highly competitive prices on our doors, in addition to offering an extensive selection. On top of providing you with great prices, our doors also save and earn you money over the years. Below, we describe a few of the ways our new doors have provided an exceptional return on investment.

Your new doors can keep your family safer!

Added Security

New doors aren’t guaranteed to keep your home 100% safe, but they can help a great deal. For one, robbers prefer to go after easy targets. New, thick doors pose a much greater challenge than a door that’s barely hanging onto the hinges. Furthermore, many new doors offer weather resistance and even fire resistance as well. If you ever have to leave your home in the event of a storm, you want to ensure you have the greatest chance of returning to a home that’s in one piece. New doors aren’t a promise, but they give you a much greater chance.

Increased Property Value

If you ever plan on selling your home or are in the business of selling homes, you should know that every little aspect of your home matters. Of course, that includes your doors. New doors can increase the property value of your home in many various ways. For one, the aesthetic appeal alone can make a great selling point. Particularly if the doors were custom made, you can ask for top dollar for your home. On top of that, the added benefits of a new door increase the overall value of the home. The same savings that you received thanks to your doors will be passed to the new homeowners. Most homebuyers are more than willing to pay more for this great investment.

We offer financing for your new front door!

Transform Your Home Today!

Southern Front Door is here whenever you’re ready to put money back into your wallet. Instead of overspending on energy bills and repairs, replacing your doors takes much less time and effort. We offer financing as well. We have thousands of options for you to choose from, and even create custom doors so you can find the perfect doors for your home. Call us at (281) 890-5860 or use our online form to get started today.