Southern Front Doors

Consider an Iron Door for Your Home

Southern Front Door offers four different types of doors: wood, iron, fiberglass, and steel. Of those four, iron doors provide homeowners with a unique look that will keep them feeling safe no matter the situation. Iron doors can be found in castles, fortresses, and other areas of strength. For this reason, your home should give off the same look and sense.

Our company has more than 28 years of experience in manufacturing doors. This experience makes us a perfect option when it comes to investing in a new entry. Wood is the most common type of door, but iron doors offer better benefits and features.

A Must-Have Feature in Iron Doors

Iron door with open glass window

Iron doors add an extra layer of safety and security to the home.

Southern Front Door is capable of adding a feature to your iron door. This feature is known as an operable glass window or pane. Homeowners are able to keep the door shut and open the window in order to answer the door. This feature is perfect for those wanting an extra safety feature for their home.

The way this feature works is the homeowners can unlatch or unlock the window connected to the door. Then, the window allows them to speak to whomever on the other side through the wrought iron doors. Greet the mailman, pay the delivery driver, or simply answer the door for a stranger. Regardless, this feature is an excellent option for families wanting higher security in their homes.

Speaking of security, iron doors offer a higher degree of protection than any other door. As we mentioned earlier, iron doors are a sign of strength, yet they add so much beauty. Southern Front Door is able to create an iron door for any home or taste. Iron doors are much more of an investment when it comes to price. However, they will last longer, improve safety, and look gorgeous.

Invest in an Iron Door Today

If you are interested in what Southern Front Door is offering, then contact us today. Homeowners can reach us by calling (281) 890-5860. They may also use the online form on the contact page to get ahold of us. Regardless, they will benefit from an iron door with an operable glass window.