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Gift Your Home With New Customized Wrought Iron

Southern Front Door takes pride in every door design. Not only do we want to add flair to your home, but we also want you to be safe and save money in the process. Fortunately, we have a new inventory for our clients to benefit from.

Everything You Need to Know About Fiberglass Doors

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We now have new PRO-SERIES 8′ iron doors that come single or double. Each door is beautifully made with an antique bronze finish. Clients also get the option of choosing what type of glass they will like to be placed on their new iron door. Furthermore, the glass panels are packaged separately for security. Also, note that the door and frames are made of 16 gauge iron for security and durability.

Iron Doors V. Wood Doors

Both styled doors can really add flair and curb appeal to your home. These doors add an elegant aesthetic to your home. Although this is true it is important to know the difference between the two.

Did you know that iron wrought doors are actually super energy efficient? Well, they definitely are. Modern wrought iron doors are separated with insulating materials that prevent you from loosing cool or warm air. Wooden doors on the other hand must be solid in order to be insulated.

Iron styled doors are also easier to maintain in contrast to wooden doors. This means less spending and more saving. Wooden doors easily fray, warp or crack over time. As a result, this can lead you to need annual repainting of the door.  Additionally, it is much more difficult to break in through an iron door while wooden doors on the other hand can be manipulated.

As you can see there are many benefits of having a wrought iron door. Be sure to give us a call at (281) 890-5860 to find out more information about our new inventory.