How to Spring Clean Iron Doors

The Greater Houston area is exiting its winter months and headed straight for spring. With that said, it is time for homeowners to go outside and make their houses look beautiful. However, many forget to care for their front door like the rest of the house. Those with iron doors will need to care for their portal without neglecting it.

Iron doors are a great option for any homeowner. They improve the look of the house, raise security and safety, and they offer a longer-lasting lifespan. Many iron doors also feature operable glass panes. This is where the glass opens without the door opening. It is a great option because it can let in fresh air or let homeowners answer the door without opening the entire door.

If you do not have an iron door, then consider replacing your current door. For those that have iron doors, be sure to care for it so it will last even longer. Care for any door is crucial, but iron doors require special care.

Wipe it Down and Remove Rust

iron door with glass panel

Iron doors can have various styles and features.

Iron doors are capable of gathering dirt and scuffs over time. Plus, the elements will take a toll on them. Homeowners should use soap and water with a soft washcloth in order to clean their doors. Avoid harsh chemicals as it will damage the finish and the metal. Dish soap is a great option when it comes to cleaning an iron door.

Be sure to wipe down the entire thing. Remove dirt, dust, and any other blemishes that may appear on the surface. Afterward, rinse the soap off with water. Finally, dry it completely with a towel. If you are washing your door and notice an area of rust, then you need to act fast.

Iron doors are capable of rusting over time, but as long as homeowners maintain the quality of their door, it will last a lifetime. If rust spots are left unattended to then, they will spread. So, it is important to act fast on a rust spot in order to stop it in its track.

Clients can use a rust-inhibiting primer to prevent further rusting. Firstly, they need to scrape off the paint and rust using a metal wire brush. Then, use the primer on the area. Let it dry and, finally, paint over the area. This will help keep your iron door looking great.

Maintain Iron Doors or Obtain Them Today

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