Money Saving Custom Door: Hardwood Door

The traditional styling of the Money Saving Custom Door: Hardwood Door has stood the test of time. Some of our Southern Front Door clients adore the natural style of this door, and the natural feel it brings to a home. The fact that this door can put money back in your pockets is deemed as a bonus.

Money Saving Custom Door: Hardwood Door

Here are the main ways a hardwood door can save money and save you energy:

  • A Natural Insulator. Since it comes from real wood, hardwood doors are not easily destroyed by the outdoor elements. As a result, the doors can assist in maintaining the wanted temperature of your home without your heating and cooling system overworking.
  • The Material. Our doors are made of the following types of wood: Mahogany, Knotty Alder, and Andean Walnut. These types of wood are known to be very durable which gives your door a lifespan advantage.
  • The Outside Air Stays Outsides. The Q-LON weatherstrip restricts the outside elements from entering your home. When your cooling or warming your home, your AC Unit is using energy that you will pay for on your monthly bill. However, if your door isn’t properly sealed, the outside elements can rush under your door, and your unit is overworking to maintain your desired temperature.  As a result, your unit has to unnecessarily use additional energy to make your home comfortable which leaves you with a hefty energy bill.

Our Financing Partner

As beautiful and energy efficient as our custom doors are, they can become quite costly. As a result, we’ve teamed up with  Synchrony Financial to assist our clients with obtaining the door of their dreams. Here are some of the benefits you can receive from working with our partner:

  • No interest financing for 18 months for qualified buyers.
  • Available rates are below standard retail for qualified buyers
  • Quick response times
  • Multiple payment options
  • Convenient payment arrangement

You deserve to have the door you want for your home on your terms, and we are here to help as much as possible.

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