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Here at Southern Front Door, we strive to provide our customers with the best front door selections at an affordable price. Bring in the holidays with one of our stylish front doors. We offer a range of styles and

Iron Doors Will Boost Your Home's Appeal

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designs that our customers can choose from. Why would you want to waste time at a major home goods store, when you can purchase your front door from a company who focuses solely on the craft and customization of doors that are tailored to fit the aesthetic of your home. Make your front door stand out by contacting Southern Front Door today at (281) 890-5860.

The Difference Between Traditional V. Modern Iron Doors

Although, iron doors come in a range of sizes and designs, when you are choosing one, realistically the design will fall in one or the other category which is modern or traditional. However, are you familiar with the differences between the two?

In reality, despite its traditional aesthetic, most sizes and designs are in fact modern. Traditional iron doors are typically angular and are not unique in design. Therefore, they are nothing more than an iron frame. However, modern wrought iron doors come in more options when it comes to design.

Furthermore, if you just want to purchase one for the security that iron provides then a modern style will be the best option for you. In reality, a traditional iron door may consist of lower quality products. However, this does not mean that conventional doors are not sustainable, they just aren’t as durable and valuable as a modern selection.

Sufficient in Conserving Energy

If you live in Houston, TX, or any of the surrounding areas, then you know there is extreme weather year-round, especially in the warmer months. Therefore,  when you install a new iron front door, Southern Front’s doors come with insulation between the frame to keep hot or cold air from outside from entering into your home.

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