The Process of Designing A Door

The Process of Designing A Door

The Process of Designing a Door ultimately comes down to your likes and dislike. What do you want the door to say about you and your home? Do you want the elegant look of the glass door? Or, do you want the contemporary stylings of an iron door? No matter what style or type of door you choose, the process of designing the door the relatively the same.

The Process

There are four factors to design a custom door properly:

  • Define the Door Size – The door size is an essential component of the overall project. We want to make sure your beautiful entry is accurately installed. By installing the incorrect size of a door, can cause additional problems or weaken the integrity of the door. As a result, you might be forced to spend pending extra and unnecessary money.
  • Select the Style of the Door – Our clients can decide if they would want a modern, classic or traditional take on their project. Knowing this information will help us in line with your design.
  • Choose Compliments and Accessories – Do you want to add a window or a transom to your structures? Our professionals are able to create a door that is unique to your style and the style of your home.
  • Create an Overall Wish List – If there are any small preferences you may want to include in your project, you should create a list. This list will help develop a better idea of your preferences and expectations.

Our Financing Partner

Are worried about financing your dream door design? There’s no need to panic. Our partner, Synchrony Financial, offers a financing option with the following attractive features to qualified buyers:

  • No interest for 18 months
  • Available rates below standard retail rates
  • Quick response
  • Multiple payment options
  • Convenient payment arrangements.

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Although it may sound like a tedious task to design your custom door, it is a fun experience.  Our professionals will explain every step of the process and advise you of the best options for your preferences. To start the process of designing your custom door, contact us at 281.890.5860 or visit our website here.