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2 Types of exterior trims used with door installation

Choosing a beautiful door for your home is an exciting process. When you choose to partner with Southern Front Door, you’re inviting in tons of selections to make your home look as beautiful on the outside as it does on the inside. The exterior aspect of your door, specifically the trim, is the first thing people see from the street. So, while choosing a beautiful door is important, choosing trim that looks just as good is probably more important.

At Southern Front Door, we offer beautiful trimming options, and we’ll help you make a selection that works well with your needs as well as your home’s.

Extended with Filet

A beautiful trim is the finishing touch for your brand new door. As previously mentioned, the trimming of your door is just as important as the door itself. When you are getting a door installed, you must have appropriate trimming to match as well. Depending on your door’s style, there are many beautiful trimming options to go along with it. The extended with filet option is a beautiful selection that will enable your front patio to stand out from the crowd.

2 Types of exterior trims used for door installation

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If you want to make your door appear bigger, then this option is right for you. The extended with filet option extends the trim beyond your door and windows to let more light inside your home and entryway. Overall, this trim option makes your entry space look bigger and brings a certain ambiance to your home. Moreover, this trimming is cased in and extremely detailed. So, it looks just as beautiful up close as it does from afar.

Double Flat Stock

Next is the double flat stock option. This trimming type brings a rounded appearance to the front of your home. This trimming type is much thinner but still opens up the front of your home, essentially inviting your guests inside. There are no unnecessary decorative elements to the trimming, and overall you bring a more mature focus to the front of your home. Available in many colors, this trimming pairs well with any door option you choose. While most customers are drawn to the classic white option, you can explore numerous color palettes.

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