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3 Reasons To Upgrade to a Fiberglass Front Door

You’ve probably seen a fiberglass front door before, whether at a friend or relative’s house, or simply driving through the neighborhood. Perhaps you’ve contemplated purchasing a door but haven’t committed to the decision. Maybe you talked yourself out of it, convincing yourself that you don’ need a new door just for the appearance. Fortunately, fiberglass doors offer more than a new look. Below, we describe a few of the positive impacts a fiberglass door can have on your home.

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Beautiful fiberglass front doors for your family home!


For some things, when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. That’s definitely not the case with fiberglass doors. You can decide how much you want to see, and how much you want outsiders to see. You don’t have to sacrifice privacy with a fiberglass door. Furthermore, these doors are also versatile in terms of height and size. If your current door requires an extra shove to close or lets in air, a properly-fitted fiberglass door could be a great upgrade for your home.


Fiberglass doors insulate your home well and can save you money on energy costs. Furthermore, they are surprisingly durable and require little maintenance. Your current door may require a lot of upkeep. In that case, why not upgrade to a fiberglass door?


Well, we said that appearance wasn’t the only reason to install a fiberglass front door. However, it’s still a pretty good reason. Some of the most impressive doors you’ve seen have probably been fiberglass. There’s a certain appeal to the obscure view and the ornate design. Fiberglass doors are an interesting balance between elegance and approachability. If fiberglass is your style, don’t talk yourself out of owning one of these beautiful doors. At Southern Front, we have so many options for you to choose from in terms of paneling, glass style, color, and more. Not only will your fiberglass door be beautiful in its own right, but we can also personalize it for your home and tastes. Many people would say that appearance alone is a good reason to upgrade to a fiberglass door.

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Does your front door need an upgrade?

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