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5 Important Aspects of a Door Installation

Installing a door is not the most complex project in the world, but it is not the easiest either. There are multiple steps for installing a door, whether it be a pre-hung door or a slab door. Both types of doors require similar approaches, but very in certain steps.

In general, there are five aspects of a door installation you need to keep in mind. If any of these areas are overlooked, then the time and money you spend on the installation could go to waste. Keep the following aspects of your door installation in mind.


You have to measure your door. There is no “eyeballing” it when you want your door to operate properly. Ensure your door is the same size as the past door or fits the measurements of the designated area. Use your measuring tape as much as you want, because you can never be too careful when it comes to measuring your door.


Ensure your door is measured correctly and fits the dimensions you are needing.


Pre-hung doors come with a lot of the hardware pre-packaged, but there it does not provide you with the tools for the job. Ensure you have the correct tools such as a hammer, chisel, electric drill, and measuring tape to get the job done. The last thing you want to do when it comes to installing a door is cut corners.

The Floor

More often than not, the floor is never considered when installing a door. Not all floors are created equally, so you should level yours. The height of your floor will determine where you hang your door and what amount to remove from the bottom. Checking the floor will help you ensure your door does not scrape the floor when it is installed.


Level your floor, door slab, door frame, trim, and anything else needing to be leveled. Your level will be your best friend by the end of your door installation. It will help you ensure your door, trim, and frame are vertically leveled (plumb).

The Installation Process

Follow the steps to an installation process as accurately as possible. Skipping steps or moving a step ahead of another could cause problems later on in the installation process. In order to get the job done the first time, follow the installation process exactly as it is laid out.

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