Benefits of Iron Doors

Wood is one of the most common materials doors are made from. They are relatively affordable, have gorgeous designs, and go along with any house. These are benefits any homeowner can enjoy, but there are some other types of doors that provide even more welfare.

When you think of iron doors, you may think of castles or fortresses. Well, these doors would make your home look like such an establishment, but also offer a lot more. Southern Front Door is proud to offer iron doors because homeowners should have as many choices as possible. Plus, we stand behind the choice for an iron door no matter what.

Improved Security

Doors are essential entry points to the home. Clients should not have to worry if their door is going to hold against a burglar or some other kind of threat. Wooden doors do offer some protection, but nowhere near the scale of an iron door. Depending on the style and features of the iron door, it could have operable glass windows.

iron door with glass panel

Iron Door with an Operable Glass Panel

These types of windows allow homeowners to open the glass portion without having to open the door. This option is perfect when it comes to answering the door for a stranger, the mailman, or a delivery driver. Regardless, clients will feel safe with having protection between them and the stranger.

Added Property Value

Iron doors are unique and gorgeous. As Southern Front Door, we craft our iron doors with thick, 14-gauge iron. This quality improves the look from the curb and, subsequently, the value of the home. Iron doors also last much longer than other materials like wood. So, potential buyers will see the feature as a bonus. In order to keep the door lasting longer, homeowners need to maintain and care for it.

Save Money

Iron doors may be more of an investment than a wooden door, but they will not have to be replaced as much as a wooden door. So, homeowners save money by simply maintaining their doors rather than replacing them. When it comes to owning a home, it is super beneficial to save money where you can.

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The few benefits listed above are only a small fraction of benefits iron doors provide. If you are interested in what else they can do for your home, then contact us today by calling (281) 890-5860. Clients may also visit our contact page to fill out the form there. Regardless, our team will respond and provide clients with the information they want.

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