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Benefits of Windows in the Design of Your Door

There are some door designs that do not have windows built into them. These doors will usually have a peephole in order for homeowners to see who is at the door before answering it. This is a fine alternative, but there are benefits to having windows in a door.

Southern Front Door offers homeowners plenty of choices when it comes to the door design. Clients can choose from numerous models in each type of material type so they can get exactly what they are wanting. Of course, if there are no designs clients enjoy, then we can craft one from scratch. Regardless of what they choose, we will suggest windows in your door.

Iron Doors and Windows

iron door with glass panel

An operable glass panel allows fresh air in and homeowners to answer the door safely.

Most iron doors have a large pane of glass. It is implemented with its design. In some cases, the glass is operable, which means it can open without having to move the door. Homeowners can simply open the pane of glass while leaving the door locked. This is an excellent option because it provides extra security on top of the additional security iron doors offer.

Windows also benefit doors because they let in a different kind of natural light. Windows typically let sunlight pour in, but many windows in doors are textured or designed in a way where light interacts uniquely. These differences in sunlight patterns can spruce up a home’s environment and make it livelier. Southern Front Door has six different types of glass: Granite, Costwold (Rain), Reeds, Flemish, Glue Chip, and Clear.

In addition to natural light, doors with windows elevate the house to another level of beauty. Doors without windows are very standard and typically fit in with the rest. Windows can add to the door’s design and taste. Clients can also make a statement when it comes to a window.

Design Your Door Today

If you want a brand new door for your home, then contact Southern Front Door today. Clients can reach our team by calling (281) 890-5860. Iron doors are great options because they can have glass that opens. A feature like that offers a lot of benefits for homeowners.