Door Styles: Contemporary VS Modern

At Southern Front Stained Glass & Door we create custom doors to suit as many styles and tastes as we can. We want to help you find the door of your dreams! Our current doors satisfy a variety of styles including, contemporary, modern, medieval, and rustic. Our rustic options are particularly evident in our wooden, fiberglass, and barn doors. We even have a few medieval options including our castle entry doors. Otherwise, we are currently focused on more contemporary and modern options and have many available across all four of our materials (wood, fiberglass and iron).

Contemporary VS Modern

Many people use these style terms interchangeably, however, they have their key differences. All Modern describes the main differences. Modernism is inspired by the past, specifically the shift away from art deco style and shift more towards a retro and simplistic style in the 1950-60s. Modernism showcases clean, strong lines and color palettes that are neutral with earthy accents. Contemporary style, on the other hand, came about in the 1970s and is a more eclectic style as it focuses on “what’s popular and on-trend today”. Modernism and minimalism inspired it, but it is marked by a preference for curves as well as extreme and contrasting color palettes.

Contemporary Door

Santa Monica Mahogany Contemporary Door

Our Contemporary and Modern Options

We offer a multitude of contemporary and modern options across all four of our material types – wood, fiberglass and iron. The style choice is completely up to you! You choose the color, style, finish, and hardware of each door to achieve the exact look you’re looking for. Fiberglass is our most customizable. Even steel, at our least customizable, still provides you with incredible finish, glass, and hardware options. Because of these options, no matter what material you choose you have the opportunity to customize an incredible door to your exact taste.

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