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A Houston speakeasy door is the perfect way to add old-fashioned charm to your home. This style of door has been around for ages and popularized during prohibition. Alcohol was illegal, giving rise to illicit bars and nightclubs. Those who wanted it would have to show a card or give a password to bouncers guarding the door. The sliding window on the door allowed staff to see or hear the guest. Its small size made sure no one could identify anyone inside. It was perfect for this era.

Houston Speakeasy Door

Southern Front Door has a number of options to choose from when it comes to stylish front doors!

After prohibition ended, fewer people needed a front door with a speakeasy window. As a result, the style dipped in popularity. These doors were still used by individuals who wanted an extra level of protection. Speakeasy doors are usually constructed with heavy wood and wrought iron. The heavy wood combined with small cutout do contribute to a home’s security and privacy. Their vintage appeal has helped these doors make a comeback. Homeowners hoping to add vintage charm to their entryways now consider speakeasy doors.

Southern Front Stained Glass and Doors has many rustic doors for interior or exterior use. Once you learn more about these beautiful doors, you will want to contact Southern Front. You can view their collection of old-fashioned doors and contact sales staff online. Customers in the Houston area can visit their retail store. Southern Front can ship to any location in the United States or Canada.

Benefit #1: Rustic Exterior Doors With Glass Are Easy To Maintain

Most rustic exterior doors with glass are deceptively easy to maintain. Speakeasy doors may also contain elements of wrought iron or another dense metal. These materials usually need different cleansers. As a result, some people might think they are hard to maintain. This mistaken belief can prevent some people from getting one of these doors in the first place.

Cheap doors are difficult to keep in good condition. The wood used may be cheap and warp before it should. Cheap glass and iron will also deteriorate well before their time. Customers who buy quality doors will find it easy to keep them in good condition. Wrought iron generally only needs warm soapy water to stay clean. When you wash the glass and the wood, spray the solution right onto a cloth. You will only need to clean the door once every few months. When you are cleaning, take a few moments to lubricate the locks and hinges. This will ensure these parts do not rust.

When you buy your door, ask the sales staff about the recommended cleaning methods. They may have specialized advice tailored to that particular door. Customers looking for speakeasy doors can visit Southern Front Stained Glass and Doors. Their sales staff are happy to answer your questions about this style of door. They can also give you advice about care and maintenance.

Benefit #2: Rustic Double Doors Often Deter Theft

Rustic double doors often act as a way to prevent break-ins. Of course, having a security system installed is the best way to prevent theft. Still, these styles of doors sometimes deter petty thieves from entering your home. The fact that the doors are so heavy may make them seem harder to open without a key. Rustic doors also have ornate components to them. These parts may make a door loud or squeaky. Trying to open one of those may make a lot of noise, alerting others to the crime in progress.

Heavy double doors can also make a person feel safer in their own home. People who have lived through a break in before may prefer the extra comfort these doors provide. Those who have concerns about safety in their home should consider speakeasy doors. A well-made door will still offer you privacy and protection when someone comes to your door.

Southern Front Stained Glass and Doors has many double doors you can view. They offer a wide selection of rustic doors for consumers across the U.S. and Canada. Sales staff are happy to help you find a door that makes you feel safe and secure.

Benefit #3: A Front Door With A Speakeasy Window Will Make Your Home Stand Out

Houston Speakeasy Door

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A front door with a speakeasy window will definitely make your home stand out amongst the rest. People who live in subdivisions in particular love this aspect of a speakeasy door. The ornate decoration combined with the rustic charm makes them appealing. There are hundreds of styles from which to choose. Some suppliers can even make custom doors, ensuring you find the exact door you want.

These doors often add to a home’s value as well. Homeowners thinking about moving may want to consider upgrading their doors. The benefits a speakeasy door brings to a property often attract more buyers. Adding a speakeasy door can also increase the amount you enjoy your home before you sell.

Consumers thinking about speakeasy doors should call Southern Front. Southern Front Stained Glass and Doors has a very large selection.

Purchasing A Houston Speakeasy Door

Avoid caving into the temptation to DIY rustic interior doors. This approach may work for crafting and other small projects. When it comes to a major alteration like this, it is best to leave it to professionals. In fact, it may be cheaper and easier to buy a pre-made speakeasy door instead of doing it yourself. Finding the perfect vendor is a lot easier than you may think. Start by looking for companies affiliated with local home builder’s associations. You can trust these companies to provide high-quality products.

Houston Speakeasy Door

Homeowners interested in rustic decor can start their search with Southern Front Stained Glass and Doors. Southern Front has a wide selection of doors for customers to view. You can visit Southern Front online at Customers in the Houston area can contact them by calling 281-890-5860. Southern Front has affiliations with many home builder’s associations. They are proud to bring the same high-quality work to you. If you are looking for a Houston speakeasy door, visit Southern Front today.

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