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How to choose the right door for your home

At Southern Front Door, we pride ourselves on providing numerous entryway options for all of our customers. We understand that not all of our customer’s needs are the same. As a result, we’ve designed 4 different door types that are sure to meet your needs. But how do you choose the right one? Choosing the right door for your home can, sometimes, be a difficult decision. So, we’re here to guide you in making the right decision.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right door for your home. Are you looking for form over function, looks, and design, or something that can barrage harsh weather conditions? No matter your needs, we have a door that’ll exceed them. Overall, each door type performs differently. Some materials are made to last longer than others, while some are purely made for decorative aspects. So that you choose the right exterior door for your home, we are going to provide you with some factors to consider when choosing the right door for your home.

3 Factors to consider when choosing an exterior door

Exterior Door Options

Southern Front has a beautiful and wide selection of doors you’re sure to love!

  1. Weather: Depending on your location, the weather has a huge effect on the type of door you should choose for your home. Many of our door options, like steel, provide insulative aspects you might love if you’re worried about the cold. On the negative side, steel doors often build up lots of heat that make touching them uncomfortable. Additionally, some customers find that it affects the temperature of their home significantly. Overall, steel doors tend to be less energy efficient for this reason alone. So, when considering your door, keep in mind the weather in your area.
  2. Appearance: Appearance is the main driver when it comes to selecting a door. Maybe you would like to match the ambiance of your neighborhood. Or, maybe, you’d like to stand out from the crowd and make your door unique to your home. Whatever the reason, consider the look of the door you want. Wood doors are our most popular option for those who are fond of aesthetics. Wood doors are available in many different colors so that they would bode well with any home. As a result, no matter the reason you’d like curb appeal, wood doors are the best option to meet this need.
  3. Functionality: Finally, functionality is another important aspect to consider. While a door primarily serves to keep the weather outside, it can become much more than that. Most customers opt for a low-maintenance door. Meaning that it lasts throughout a lifetime without needing care or replacement. If this is the case for you, then our fiberglass door is your best bet. This door is almost maintenance-free and looks eerily, just like a wood door. Furthermore, the fiberglass doors are insulated, making them great for harsh weather conditions.

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No matter what features you’re looking for in your door, we have one that’ll meet your needs. Overall, we want our customers to be happy with the job we’ve done and the selection we have. If you’re ready to have a beautiful door installed in your home, then give us a call today at 281-890-5860!