Iron Doors V. Wooden Doors

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Two Elegant Doors, Which Should You Choose

From the style of a door to the way it holds up to weather, there are a lot of unique characteristics between the door materials and designs. To understand the significance of these differences, let’s take a look at two common entryways.

Home Security

With a sustainable locky system, the material of the door itself makes a small difference. However, certain door materials can be easily damaged during a burglary. A solid wood door is much more difficult to break into than a traditional hollow one. However, it can still be easier to force open than a wrought iron door. This style of door is much more difficult for the average person to break or push open, even with significant impact.

Durability and Life

When treated, sealed, and painted properly, a wooden dor can take a good beating before it starts to look worn. A wooden front door that is consistently exposed to the elements can also last a long time if it is properly cared for. However, it can eventually start fade, warp, or crack. Wrought iron doors are not a victim of the same issues. However, they can begin to develop rust as the protective coating begins to wear off.

Style and Curb Appeal

Wood and iron are crafted in many alternative ways. Wooden doors can be carved intricately but the majority of the style involves angular shapes, panels, and windows. Iron doors on the other hand can also have angular styles, but the material is great for complex scrollwork, curved shapes, and other types of unique styles. If you are looking for something fancy then a wrought iron door might be what you need.