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Learning Your Iron Door

Here at Southern Front Door, our primary goal is to provide customers with the


Ensure your door is measured correctly and fits the dimensions you need.

best service and fulfill their requirements for their entryway. Not only do we handcraft each of our front doors, but we also provide installation upon delivery. Southern Front Door has been providing handcrafted exterior doors and glass for close to 30 years now. Therefore, we know everything is to know about the art of exterior doors.

Southern Front Door offers commercial and residential services to our customers. Bring in the holiday by adding some spunk to your home or business. Our inventory includes wooden doors, wrought iron doors, steel doors, and fiberglass doors. Customers also have the option of choosing between a single door or double doors. As you can see, we strive to provide our customers with a number of options to help them make the best decision when purchasing a new front door.

A Few Components that Makeup Iron Doors

Although rich in history, this style of door is very popular on the market. Wrought iron doors give your business or home the curb appeal you are looking for. Not only are these door eye-catchers; they are also easy to manage and maintain. Additionally, iron doors are great at protecting your home or business. Although these doors have many benefits, there are some other details that you should know about iron doors.

  • Door Frame/Door Casing. This involves the entire frame that goes around the door. The frame is the component of the iron door that is secured into the opening of your home or business.
  • Door Jamb. The door jamb involves the two vertical sides of the door frame and connects with sidelights.
  • Door Astragal. If your home or business has double iron doors, the door astragal is the vertical piece that goes between the two doors.
  • Sidelights. These are fixed panels that may or may not come with glass windows. Typically, these are placed on both sides of the door casing.
  • Transom. A transom is installed above the door frame.

There are many other components involved with the making of wrought iron doors. Therefore, the process involved in making this door is highly complex. There is nothing like wrought iron doors, from the maintenance to its beauty it is quite rare.

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