Prefinished or Unfinished Doors? We Have Both On Sale!

There are many choices that you must make regarding your new front door purchase. Single or double? Which material? What stain or color? Glass-paneled or solid slab? In each case, you have a ton of options to choose from, especially when you shop with Southern Front Door. However, that’s not a bad thing. Having choices allows you perfect your front door exactly to your precise vision. At Southern Front door, you can make adjustments down the very first finishing coat. That’s why we have a summer special on unfinished doors.

Summer Specials for a Limited Time!

Unfinished Doors Let You Do It Yourself

The decision to purchase either a prefinished or an unfinished door for your home depends on whether you want to finish the door yourself. While we offer a large variety of door materials and stains, you might prefer the DIY method. Finishing your own front door can instill a sense of pride, teach you a new skill, or allow you to practice a beloved hobby. Furthermore, your customization options expand exponentially when the design power rests in your hands. An unfinished door can easily be turned into a family project. Everyone can add their own special touch and you’ll feel the love before you even walk through the door.

Change Your Door, Change Your Home

Prefinished Doors

A prefinished door has been stained and finished several times to guarantee its beauty and longevity. If you aren’t going to properly finish your door yourself, let our trained team handle it. Otherwise, you might sacrifice the integrity or attractiveness of the material. Though some people prefer unfinished doors because they have lower up-front costs, you’ll spend roughly the same amount of money once you account for tools and supplies to finish the job. Prefinished doors save you time and energy. Unless you want to take on a new project, come take a look at our many beautiful, unique prefinished front door options.

Let us know what you need!

Call Us For Our Summer Specials

As mentioned earlier, we’re having a summer special on both prefinished and unfinished doors. No matter what home improvement project you have in mind, if it involves your entry doors, you need to call Southern Front. Our prices are great year-round, so take advantage of our special deals to save even more. Call (281) 890-5860 or visit us online to learn more!

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