Should I Finance My New Front Door?

You know you need a new front door, but you aren’t quite sure how you’re going to pay for it. However, you want to have a plan before you even bother coming to Southern Front to take a look at our options. You’ll be pleased to know that we offer multiple financing options for homeowners who want to upgrade their front door and don’t want to pay 100% down on the day of purchase. At Southern Front, we know that price can be a deciding factor between purchasing the front door of your dreams and settling for something other than what you want. We offer financing through Synchrony Financial so that you can get what you really want.

You might be skeptical of financing. If this is your first time replacing your front door or making major home improvements, you may be unfamiliar with the process. You might not be sure why you wouldn’t consider another payment option, such as your personal credit card or paying the entire price up-front. We’ll briefly describe the pros and cons of your other options and explain why we believe that financing is the best financial decision.

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We have multiple financing options for your new front door!

Should You Use A Credit Card?

If you have one or multiple credit cards, you may prefer to charge your card and pay it back over the months. Before you make that decision, you should consider your card’s interest rate and your credit balance. With our financing options, you have a chance to get a lower interest rate than you’d have on your credit card. Furthermore, do you want to tie up one of your credit limits with the charge for your front door?

Pay For It All

You can pay for your new front door outright, but you also want to consider whether that’s the best decision. You might want to pay a bit at a time with our financing option if paying for your door outright would put you in a stressful financial situation. Of course, “stressful,” depends on your budget, income, and risk aversion. What might seem like enough money for one household might stretch another family too thin. You never know when you need emergency money, and you don’t want to regret your door purchase because an unexpected expense arises. Our financing option lets you keep your available cash in case you need it in the near future.

custom door financing houston tx

Custom Door Financing Houston TX

It’s Up To You!

At Southern Front, you have the option of paying for your front door through a variety of methods. You can pay the full price the day you decide which door you want. Alternatively, you can use your own credit card. However, if you stand to have a lower interest rate and would benefit from the flexible terms, consider our financing options. We offer financing as a way to help you achieve your goals of purchasing the best front door for your home. You can call us at (281) 890-5860 or contact us online to inquire more about financing or any other questions you have. We can’t wait to install your new front door!

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