Shut the Glass Door

Shut the glass door! Southern Front Door is selling decorative glass doors to fit your needs. Glass doors are a great way to show a nice, yet modern look without being too flashy. Its unique design patterns inspires eyes to draw its attention to it. Southern Front Door’s selections consist of mahogany, knotty alder, and Andean walnut. Each type has tons of subcategories to browse through. Let’s check out what some of these styles have in store for you.

Southern Front Door

Glass doors


Some of this type’s unique features consist of full oval doors, full lite entry doors, craftsman doors, and more! Each feature also comes with its own options before purchase to fit your customization needs. Full lite doors for example come with the options of door width, color, finish option, and jamb width. Prices are additionally laid out for you to determine what option fits your budget the best.

Knotty Alder

Knotty alder doors also has its own subcategories for you to browse through. For example, its feature of catania KA 6-8 full lite double comes with a black or zinc color option. It has a distressed finish and standard finish option to appeal to the look you fancy. The triple insulated glass for the options also benefit the temperature of your home. It aids in keeping it the ideal temperature comfortable to you.

Andean Walnut

If you’re looking for a stellar, classic look, andean walnut is probably the type you’re looking for. Its features are simple and to the point. The arch top craftsman single for example, is one of the best showcases of the wood finish. You can not only see but feel the craftsmanship put into making the door. As you feel along its surface, the genuine work put into it is undeniable. The entry door is prehung in a mahogany jamb and adjustable to fit the designated entry way.

The Art of Glass

Southern Front Door

Art Glass Windows

As you can see, Southern Front Door doesn’t only sell ordinary doors. Even their Scratch N’ Dent Department is a showroom of doors in various conditions. Their options are numerous. These options also include art glass windows. Yep, we also provide options to replace windows with designs that pop! If you’d like to check out Southern Front Door’s products, you can call (281) 890-5860. We will be sure to give you information about their various options.