The Legacy of the Wrought “Iron” Door

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Today, wrought or iron is common for its luxurious feature to many homeowners. The legacy of these doors and this material in general dates back to the Bronze Age. The making and working of iron-containing metal began as early as 500 BC in East Asia. This was technically the start of the Iron Age. At this time, iron was used primarily in the manufacturing of tools and weapons.

This sustainable material would not begin to be used in architecture until the Middle Ages. Iron’s refining process experienced major changes between the 1200s and 1700s. Changes to the wrought iron manufacturing process continued to grow until 1925 when a man by the name of James Aston would invent a state of the art process. Commercial production of this fine material would cease in the 1970s. We owe it to expert blacksmiths who have continued crafting this timeless elegance.

Style and Guaranteed Luxury

Iron doors are a wonderful addition to your home, adding luxury and value to your property. There are a plethora of styles to choose from when choosing iron doors. Manufactures can also combine wrought iron and steel or wood for a more affordable cost and maintain an elegant look.

Iron doors typically do not lose value, as the manufacture crafts the material to make it as durable as possible. Modern lock and key systems can be an easy addition during the crafting of your product without distorting the design itself.

Wrought iron doors not only add style and glamour to your home, but it also is great for security and conserving energy. The iron on your door can protect it from outside debris, unpredictable weather, and it might even work as a repellant to a potential burglar. Iron is one of the most resilient and efficient materials you can choose for your front door.

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