The Various Styles and Designs of Iron Doors

When it is time to upgrade your exterior doors to stunning and gorgeous iron doors? Take time to review all the different styles and designs before deciding.

Iron Single Doors vs. Double Doors

One of the first things to decide is whether or not you want an iron single door or an iron double door. A single door usually consists of that one door frame that opens into the home. Single doors are great for entryways or where space is limited.

A double door features two doors that are installed into the door frame. The doors have a doorknob each in the middle. This is done so that one door opens right and the other left, maximizing entry space. This also makes it easier to hinge the doors to the door frame.

Double doors can be installed into a home with a single front door. However, be sure to verify with your contractor to see if you can easily expand the entryway. Double doors are also the best replacement for original sliding glass doors.

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Types of Iron Doors

Many people call iron double doors french doors. French doors have a key feature which is glass panels. This makes them more unique aside from solid double doors without glass features. When it comes to styles and designs, there are a variety of options to choose from for your new iron door.


These beautiful doors include influences from Greece, Rome, Tuscany, and the Mediterranean. These beautiful designs include curves, swirls, arrows, and other intricate particulars. Another key feature is the use of palm frond and other natural elements.


These doors typically feature bold lines, squares, rectangles, semi-circles, and other fun geometric shapes. You can choose one or more geometric shapes into the door design. Some designs also use glass features to add to the “modern” look.


Primarily, all iron doors could be considered ornamental because they feature a plethora of styles in ironwork. In reality, this specific style refers more to added elements that go beyond the door. The Eyebrow Top is a separate design placed over the door that is not apart of the door. It is primarily used for decorative purposes to further enhance the style of the iron entry doors. Sidelites is another design element that is used on one or both sides of the door. Transoms are also a separate piece over the door that can be rectangular, elliptical, or round. Some ornamental doors will have different transoms depending on the overall design and door size.

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