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Let Southern Front doors help you find the front door you’ve been dreaming of. If you are searching for secure iron doors and frames, give us a call today!

Southern Front Door takes pride in providing our customers with the best quality doors at a reasonable price. Our designers work closely with you or your home developer to create the best entryway for your home. We have a wide range of styles and door types to choose from.

Therefore, no matter if you need an iron, fiberglass, wooden, or steel door, we’re the company for you! Not only do our doors exude beauty, but they also provide the best level of safety. Our signature products also consist of secure iron doors and iron frames that protect you from unwanted guests and other outside elements. Contact us today to learn more about services and deals.

Why Wrought Iron Doors Offer the Best Level of Safety

Although stylish and unique, fiberglass and wooden doors can easily break. They can also be easily impacted by changes in temperature which can make your home more vulnerable. Some of the main factors that make your iron door the most secure consist of:

  • Premium manufacturing procedures that consist of unique designs that make it much less easy to break into your home
  • Wrought iron properties are typically not altered from changes in the weather
  • Involves complicated locking systems and mechanisms that can be inputted into iron enclosures to make them harder to pick
  • Wrought iron doors offer the best level of sophistication and aesthetic as they come in many different styles, a variety of glass features, and also providing your home with the best level of curb appeal
  • Lastly, most iron door designs include ornamental and decorative scrollwork which not only adds to the style of the door but it also adds an extra layer of protection to your entryway

Signs That its Time for a Door Replacement

Unfortunately, everyone’s front door is not the most secure. This makes it much easier for burglars to break-in. Let’s take a look at some of the many signs of an unsecured door:

  1. There is a gap on the side of the door where the deadbolt and doorknob are installed. Therefore, if you notice light or the doorknob or deadbolt keeps getting jammed, it can be quite simple to pop open the door using the right tools.
  2. Another clear sign is the door frame is damaged or rotting. Therefore, a thief does not have to worry about tampering with the lock when they can push the door in by force as a result of a weak frame.
  3. Also, your front door may not be a solid core door, meaning they are hollow and weak and easier to breakthrough.
  4. If your door only has a combo doorknob and lock, it will be much easier for a burglar to pick the locks. Therefore, ensure your front door has at least one deadbolt.

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