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What Are Some Common Problems For Doors?

While every door has features and benefits that can help your home, all of them have drawbacks. It’s just a natural fact of life to have some degree of flaws. They are simply issues that have to be dealt with. The door itself is usually in good condition, it’s just a matter of maintenance. You have to do a lot of work to ensure that your doors stay in the best shape year-round. In our blog today, we are going to go over the different problems that you might experience and some easy ways to fix them. Hopefully, you will find this to be insightful, we are always looking to keep our clients informed and vigilant.

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 Worn Out Weather Stripping

Each door has weather stripping around the slab. It is attached to the door frame and keeps unwanted air drafts from entering the home. This is actually a really big deal because of the energy inefficiencies. Up to 11% of energy losses are coming from drafts through the doors. The home air conditioning system has to take on a lot of stress to get the results that you’re used to.

How To Fix It?

Re-lining your door frame with new weather stripping can make a huge difference. Fortunately for homeowners, this is a simple job that doesn’t require a lot of skill or time. You can have it replaced quickly, and resume your comfortable “draft-free” living. All while simultaneously saving money also!

Door Latch Misses The Strike Plate

Another issue that can plague homeowners is a loose door. If it is not closing properly and takes a lot of effort just to get the latch to hook, you may need to take a look. This type of issue can cause a lot of annoyance and will generally create more problems for the door over time. That could include damage to the frame from the stress or grind on the floor from dragging it for too long.

The Fix?

Whenever you have to have this fix, simply take a look at the latch and the strike plate. Over time these two can get misaligned from force or age. In order to return it to normalcy, you will have to realign the two pieces and ensure that they are no longer pulling away from each other. You can do this by tightening the hinges on the top and bottom. It helps by straightening out the door enough to bring it back to level.

Loose Screws

In moist, humid environments, there is less friction holding the pieces together. Screws that may have been tight will loosen up and the door will suffer from this. The result can be a sagging door that doesn’t shut properly. It can also potentially cause your door to rub or get stuck up against the frame. Either of these issues can cause an unwanted nuisance.

What Is The Solution?

If you are looking to take care of this, consider getting a glue that can replace the screws into their position. The adhesiveness will help the screws counteract the effects of humidity. After this, you should be able to make your door operate like new again. After living with a broken door, it can really make a difference in the look and feel of your home.