What is the Ultimate Door Frame Security?

For the ultimate door, frame security ditch the wood door and go with an iron door with an iron frame! When you choose a frame, made reform iron all the way around, it can never be kicked in. At Southern Front Door, we are the experts at door installations and replacements. An iron door and iron frame provide the ultimate security from kick-in burglaries. If you want to keeps the looks of a glass door, you still have options. Some iron doors, some both fixed glass and operable glass. Operable glass is an excellent option if you want to open your door and still feel safe. You are now able to let light in your front door without unlocking your front door.  

Southern Front Doors Iron Door Options

Taking Advantage of Our Deal of the Day

Southern Front Doors, Iron door provides maximum security for home or business.

Iron doors not only provide the most security but are also a beautiful addition to your home. Our craftsman-style iron doors are unique and timeless. We offer wrought and forged iron doors to make any entrance grand and memorable. We also have over 100 different styles and models to choose from. With our vast selection, you never have to pick between security and appearance. Did you know iron doors can increase the value of your home as well as curb appeal?

Iron Doors For Your Home

There are limitless possibilities and benefits when you choose an iron door. As mentioned before, iron frames are kick-in-proof and deter burglars from your home. Furthermore, iron doors are fire-resistant and durable. For these reasons, government and official buildings often use iron doors because they offer the most dependability and safety. For peace of mind, the ultimate entry door security system is our 16-gauge thick iron doors with an iron frame. 

 Make your front door kick-in-proof today by choosing a wrought iron entry door. Please take advantage of the added security an iron door and iron frame can provide you and your family. We are the number one choice door company in the greater Houston area and are eager to serve you.