Why investing in a new front door increases your home’s value

Why investing in a new front door increases your home's value

Invest in a new front door and increase your home’s value

If you are considering selling your home in a few years, it might be time to think about how you can increase its curb appeal and selling value. What can you do to make the home safer and secure against intruders and more welcoming for visitors?

The inevitable answer is that you should consider investing in a new front door! The entryway of your home is one of the first characteristics that will grab attention. Furthermore, the front door is what will be open and inviting for family and friends while discouraging burglars.

Count on Quality with Southern Front

When you decide that a new front door is a must, contact the specialists at Southern Front. We have a team that has been serving the Greater Houston area for over twenty years. Our inventory is full of quality and durable front doors that are stunning and beautiful too!

Furthermore, we choose our partners and suppliers based on their quality products and honest dependability. Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing your investment is well worth it.

Why a New Front Door?

So, why get a new front and not windows or roofing? All of these are great investments. However, the front door is a gateway to your home. Therefore it should remain at the forefront of priorities when it comes to amplifying the home’s safety and security. These qualities will appeal to potential buyers later down the road.

Southern Front has a vast selection of front doors ranging in materials sizes, shapes, and styles. If you need assistance finding the right door that fits with the style of your home and its security, give our team a call!

Why investing in a new front door increases your home's value

Our custom doors are second to none

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The experienced professionals at Southern Front take pride in offering every client the best quality door and trustworthy service. Furthermore, we always have an inventory full of wood, iron, steel, and fiberglass doors. We also carry a unique selection of wrought iron speakeasies and deco windows.

Please take a look at our inventory, gallery, and locations on our website. Additionally, feel free to contact our team by phone!