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Wooden Doors At Southern Front

Are you considering wooden doors for your home? Southern Front can provide you with a vast array of options for your house that can fit any style or theme. The benefits of wooden doors are extensive, and they are one of the most traditional types of doors available. They have been used for over a millennium in home and building construction. They are used almost everywhere worldwide today.

With help from Southern Front, you can select the perfect door for your home that carries the same style and durability that gave our predecessors’ so much comfort and security. In our blog post, we are going to elaborate on some of the benefits of wood doors as well as the options that we offer on our website. They provide exceptional versatility, and we want to ensure that you have access to the same creative freedom!

Protection Against Temperature & Noise

A wooden door is a very high-quality insulator. The high density of the fibers makes it natural insulation that can keep your home from losing excessive amounts of heat during the day. As a result, you will be able to maintain and regulate your indoor temperature far more easily. The consequences of this will be a lower electric bill because of the reduced pressure your air conditioner will be under. The less effort your AC unit has to deal with, the cheaper your costs will be. The same can be said for comfort levels and loud noises. With a wooden door, you can keep the sounds of the city or tractors far from your quiet home where peace of mind can reside.

Ironically A Great Deterrent For Fires

Believe it or not, a wooden door with the proper design can withstand and even manipulate the effects of a fire. If made with the right thickness and coating, they can trap and redirect the fire and smoke. It is an excellent benefit if you are looking to increase your fire rating. You can get anywhere from 20-90 minutes for your rating. It will be a result of the controlled spread of the fire that your wooden doors oversee. While you may have thought initially that these doors would be more prone to catching alight, choosing wood is just as much of a precautionary choice as it is an aesthetic one.

Flexibility Of Design

We offer a very customizable range of options for your door. If you want to browse through our selection, we have thousands of different wooden doors for you to explore. They will be crafted by a design and polish specified by you with up to 24 different paint colors available to coat it.  We can offer these doors in Mahogany and Knotty Alder Wood. All of these options are very durable and capable of withstanding a very long period of use.

Let’s Work Together!

Once again, we are thrilled to help our clients find exactly what they are looking for. If you think that you have found what you are looking for, or want to begin your search with the help of a representative, please give us a call! We will be looking forward to assisting you with your next project!