You Have Options When it Comes to Iron Doors

In general, homeowners have many options when it comes to doors. The type of door you choose may be based on the look of your home or certain tastes you have. It may also be determined by the price and the features of the door. There is a long list of door types, features, prices, colors, and more.

Southern Front Door has no shortage of options when it comes to doors. The four types of doors we offer are wood, iron, fiberglass, and steel. Each of these materials have their own designs, prices, colors, and sizes. Iron is one option that many homeowners may look over. Many are not aware of the many options an iron door can offer. The options plus the benefits they have are great for any house.

Size, Style, Glass, and More

Homeowners can choose from more than 100 different styles when it comes to iron doors. A plethora of styles paired with the many other options will make your door look unique amongst the neighborhood. If none of the styles we have satisfy you, then we can custom build your own. Simply give us your desires and needs so we can fulfill them when it comes to a door.

iron door with glass panel

Most iron doors have operable glass panels.

The size of your door is also up to you. We offer iron doors at 6’8″, 8’0″, and 9’0″ in height. In terms of width, homeowners can choose between 36″ or 42″. The size of the door will help you decide what kind of impression you want to give when people approach your home. Iron doors have a way of revealing to guests that your home is your castle.

Another option you may choose from is the type of glass you want on your iron door. Southern Front Door has six different glass options: Granite, Costwold(Rain) Reeds, Flemish, Glue Chip, and Clear. Finally, once you choose your glass type, you can decide if you want it to have an operable glass window.

This feature comes on many designs because it offers an extra layer of security. Homeowners will be able to open up the glass panel instead of the entire door. Let fresh air in, answer the door for a stranger, or pay the delivery driver with this feature.

Contact Us for Options

Southern Front Door provides clients with the most and best options available. Contact us today by calling (281) 890-5860 or via the contact page online. We will create the door of your dreams!